$10k a Month Blueprint

Sequence for Success


With  One on One Coaching

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Do you want to make $10k a month in your business? The $10k a Month Sequence for Success Workbook is a step-by-step process to make $10k a month. It is a blueprint which tells you exactly what you need to do and when to do it to build the business you always dreamed of. To get you started, you will also receive 1 hour of one on one coaching with a Master Coach.

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Product Description


The $10k a Month Blueprint is a self-guided program that focuses on specific sales and marketing tactics to increase revenues generated by you and your company. In 11 modules you will learn the exact steps to take and when to take them to make $10k a month in your business.

The workbook includes:

Module 1 - Determine Your Business

Module 2 - Define Your Target Market

Module 3 - Create Your Product Funnel

Module 4 - Create Your Revenue Forecast

Module 5 - Strategic Marketing Plan

Module 6 - Networking For Leads - Build Your List

Module 7 - Email Marketing

Module 8 - Systems

Module 9 - Sales

Module 10 - Team

Module 11 - Analyze and Revise

In addition to the workbook you will receive 1 hour of one on one coaching with a Master Coach.