Whose Holding You Accountable?

Accountability is 100 percent necessary for success when you’re running your own business, and this is clear to see when you look at the big picture. Successful entrepreneurs are always holding themselves accountable. They pass on complaining and blaming and make things happen despite unexpected obstacles in their way.

Struggling entrepreneurs often blame others and complain instead of looking at their own thought patterns and behaviors. Sometimes they play the victim, finding someone or something else as the reason behind their failures. In my coaching practice I hear a lot of excuses; they would have been successful if they had more money, had more time, or more resources. While some excuses really are true, at the end of the day they are just excuses for not doing the work. So how do you get back on track?

The road to accountability

The path to being accountable starts with goal setting and formulating a written down plan. Determine what needs to be done, the tasks required for success, and formulate a solid plan to meet those goals. Typically we as business owners know what to do, we just don’t get around to doing it. Write down your plan and prioritize your activities. If you don’t already have a written down plan that you execute to every day, stop right now and create one!

Next, accept responsibility and ownership of all that goes on in your business. Moving forward in your company requires commitment, courage and determination. If your motivation isn’t strong enough, you’ll be tempted to cover your lack of ownership with complaints, blame and excuses. Get in touch with your “Why” or underlying reasons for starting your business and use those as a vehicle to get you back on track.

You don’t have to go it alone

Having someone to hold you accountable is a very powerful tool when running a business. Making commitments to others who will call you on it if you don’t do what you say you will can be one of the most effective ways to build your business.

Join or create a mastermind group and hold a call every week where goals are shared. Find someone or a group of people who are in a similar situation as you in building their business and exchange ideas and commitments. Find people who are committed to showing up every week and participating fully in the mastermind.

Yes, life does sometimes get in the way

Stuff happens, that is the reality of life. While they like to say, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade,” and while I do agree with that, sometimes we just have to focus our attentions on unexpected things that show up in our lives. So be gentle with yourself when things happen. Re-adjust your plan, take the time needed to address unforeseen issues, and as soon as possible get right back to your plan.

All too often I’ve seen clients who get sidetracked by some unexpected event and then struggle to get back in the game. Don’t let this be you, use your written down plan and accountability partners to re-engage as quickly as possible.

Make it happen

At the end of the day, your goal is accepting total accountability and making it happen. That’s what successful entrepreneurs do, they succeed despite challenging times. In fact I might even go as far as to say they succeed because of challenging times. It may take some work to get there, however, when you begin to hold yourself fully responsible for all areas of your business, you’ll be positioned to succeed and handle whatever comes your way.






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