Selling is a Mindset with Anthony Camacho E31

In this episode I talk with multi-published best-selling author Anthony Camacho.
He’s known as the Hitman, a nickname he earned not from the gang life he escaped as a teen, but for his ability to turn cold into gold. Anthony is a sales and performance mentor to every day entrepreneurs as well as Fortune 500 companies.
The founder and creator of the Top Producer Factory, Anthony has personally cold called millions of dollars in sales, using techniques and strategies which he freely shares from stage. A former Dale Carnegie Coach and certified sales coach through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, Anthony, 39, has 20 years of experience in cold calling, generating new prospects, bringing in new business, closing deals and managing sales teams.
Working with corporate clients, executives and small business rockstars; Anthony has provided his expertise in the United States, Australia and Dubai delivering sales and leadership seminars and keynote talks.
Based in Southern California, Anthony – a father of four girls – is also a yogi, pursuing the lifestyle of Bikram Yoga in his down time.

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In this episode we explore…..


1:20 – Write you own paycheck

2:00 – Control your income

3:15 – Double your income

3:50 – Selling is a mindset

5:50 – Find a mentor

8:50 – Invest in personal development

9:50 – It takes a community

11:35 – Be bold

14:05 – Be resourceful

15:50 – Zoom boom

16:35 – Use your book as a sales tool

21:05 – By failing to prepare, you prepare to fail

23:35 – Use technology

24:50 – Sales is a numbers game

28:35 – Survey your prospects

30:50 – Help 1 million people

36:05 – Meet the Hitman

38:50 – Deliver good content

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Best Seller on Amazon Your Amazing Itty Bitty Little Black Book of Sales: 15 Critical Steps to Power Selling Unlock Your Earning Potential…  

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Your Amazing Itty Bitty® Little Black Book of Successful In-Person Cold Calling: The HITMAN’S 15 Steps To Close Multi-Million Dollar Corporate Clients by Learn more:…  

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