Selling is a Mindset with Anthony Camacho E31 – Transcript

Janet Fish 0:08
Hello, welcome to the breakaway entrepreneur podcast where we explore the entrepreneur mindset and the characteristics and traits that lead to success. I’m your host Janet Fish, and in this episode I talk with multi published best selling author, Anthony Camacho. He’s known as the Hitman, a nickname he earned not from the gang life he escaped as a teen, but for his ability to turn cold into gold. Anthony is a sales and performance mentor to everyday entrepreneurs as well as fortune 500 companies, the founder and creator of the top producer factory. Anthony has personally cold called millions of dollars in sales using techniques and strategies he freely shares from the stage. I hope you enjoy our chat. So good afternoon, Anthony. How are you doing today? Good. Good.

How are you? I’m doing great. It’s so great to have you on. I’m super excited about it. So I don’t know you all that well, I’ve seen you around and zoom meetings. Tell us a little bit about you, what you do what you love to do, both business and personal.

Anthony Camacho 1:13
Okay, so the business first, I love sales. I love selling and I love training salespeople and sales managers, how do you write their own paycheck, you know, by increasing their sales performance. So that’s what I what I love to do. I’m the sales guy. And I know people think that sales is a dirty word, but not if you’re using sales to help people better their life and help salespeople help the customers more efficiently. So that’s what I like to do for fun and get paid in my profession. And personally, I love yoga. I love martial arts. I love reading. I love paddleboarding and hanging out with my family. So I love I love to be active.

In, you know, doing things and I do have my cheat meals, you know you’re in there.

Janet Fish 2:05
lol Good for you. So how long have you been an entrepreneur? And how do you find your way there?

Anthony Camacho 2:10
Oh geez, I’ve

been a commission based salesperson since I was 22 years old. And right now I’m 39. So what motivated me to do that was having a couple of jobs in my earlier years doing hourly. And I was like, Man, this really sucks, you know, I can’t really hit my earning potential. So then I started working with some consultants where I got a commission. And then I’m like, Hey, this is really good, because I can kind of write my own paycheck. He’s got exactly what I preach. And then the next step was having my own business. So I’ve had my own business for seven years where I get to basically dictate even more what my paycheck gets to be in control, but for percentage I get, how much they get to keep in comparison to overhead, etc, etc.

Janet Fish 3:06
And what do you like most about what you do?

Anthony Camacho 3:10
I love that I get to help salespeople I really help, I love that they get to double triple their income. And when you double your income, at the very least you really get a lifestyle change. And you’re able to help your family and you’re able to move up, you know, in the world a little bit more. And I love being able to help individual sales professionals, entrepreneurs, and where I find those people that are fortune 100 companies, fortune 500 companies and then individual entrepreneurs as well. So that’s that’s the greatest joy is seeing people be successful and knowing that I was able to help.

Janet Fish 3:47
Alright, so you train a lot of people in sales. I’ve been coaching for 15 years. So the sales conversation oftentimes comes up and I hear the same thing you’re talking about. I hear that sometimes sales is a bad word. I’m a firm believer of selling a serving. So I’m right on the same page as you, but I’ll often hear from my clients, they’re not good at sales. They’re afraid of sales, etc. So your sales trainer, what would you say to somebody who has those thoughts? Like how do you turn around their mindset from selling as a bad word to embracing selling for all the reasons you’ve already outlined?

Anthony Camacho 4:28
Beautiful on a great question. Really what that comes down to you hit the nail on the head, it’s mindset. So everybody knows how to share something like if they went to a great dinner, a great restaurant saw a great movie. You know, they have detailed information about that particular experience and then they’re able to share that enthusiastically because they liked it. So when you like and love what you sell, and you know about what you’re selling, you can more enthusiastically Share it. And when us when I when I work with fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurs, I tell them when you share and not sell, when you share about what the product is when you share what it can do for you, and you can share what the results are on the benefits. It gives a sales professional, completely different mindset coming from the mindset of sharing as opposed to I need to make a deal or closes, you know, close a deal.

Janet Fish 5:24
Yeah. And I always say to my clients, not only is selling serving, but it’s all about them. And so I have this goofy little thing that’s not really statistically, maybe not factual. But I always tell my clients the percentage, so if I’m trying to sell you this pen, right, the percentage of time that I’m talking, versus the percentage of time that you’re talking is my percentage of getting the sale. So I’m going to ask you, Hey, have you ever seen a pen like this and I’m going to ask your questions, and the percentage of time you’re talking equals my percentage of chance of getting together. So if you’re talking 90% of the time, then I have a 90% chance of making a sale. And like I said that maybe not statistically accurate, but it just gets people out of their own head. And into, like, I want to talk more, I want to learn more about you. It’s not about me, it’s about you and I. So I just I love that I hear that in a lot of my, a lot of my clients. And so you’ve talked about mindset, and you know, that’s close to my heart in this podcast. So talk about not only from a sales perspective, but from an entrepreneurial perspective. What are your thoughts on what do you need? What does it take to be a successful entrepreneur? What’s it take to be a successful salesperson because that’s a big part of being an entrepreneur, whether you’re hiring a sales force or not, you’ve got to be involved in all of that.

Anthony Camacho 6:51
Yeah, I think the the mindset to be successful as an entrepreneur or businessman businesswoman is really Being able to humble yourself to look for other people that have the success that you want. And being able to ask them, and even pay them, you know, how did you get there? What did you do? This is what I want. This is how I like to get there, I see that you have that. So you have to be a humble person and be able to reach out beyond yourself. Take your experience or your amazing experience. And you’re going to add that with someone that already has the success that you that you want. The other huge aspect of it is not being afraid to fail. not being afraid to make any mistakes. Knowing that life isn’t scripted, knowing that life isn’t going to be this perfect tee up of anything. Sometimes it happens, right? But it’s really about being able to be resilient in the process of success that success is a lifelong journey. So you have to be able to Allow yourself to course correct as you go along and laugh at some mistakes is a what I blew that one. Yeah, do that do you know? And it’s like, Okay, let me just dust myself off and, you know, get back to it. And work ethic is super important today. And I

Janet Fish 8:17
agree, I think that the more you fail the more successful oftentimes you end up being because failure is just a way to learn a new skill. In fact, I did a podcast last week or an interview with Aaron young and he talked about sometimes the further you The bigger the challenges, the better you become alright because it really forces you to go to that next level and I think we all need them. And and so can you. Share with us one of your experiences where you things didn’t perhaps work out the way you wanted them to, to begin with, but then what you learned up from it and how it might have made it affected you or changed You?

Anthony Camacho 9:01
Um, yeah, I think it’s always the mentor process. I’m constantly looking for mentors to take myself to that next level. And I have conservatively spent easily about $80,000 in personal and professional development. And some of the some of the training programs that I bought, you know, weren’t worth it. We’re not what it was, was not the waiting goal that I thought it was. Right. So, you know, I, I look at that, like, it’s a good learning experience. I did get something from it, but not my you know, that’s the you know, the 10s of thousands of dollars in some of the programs I’ve put into. But I think that’s all part of the learning experience, you know, you’re gonna invest money, I think that the best thing is to invest money in yourself. You know, you have to invest money in yourself and you have to continuously investment in yourself and your business to make sure that there’s a good ROI. Yeah,

Janet Fish 9:59
yeah. So talk about the role that mentors, coaches and other entrepreneurial colleagues have played in your success because we all rely on. Well, hopefully you’re smart enough to invest in yourself as clearly you have. And you get that through mentors and coaches. But for me a lot I’ve and I’ve done that as well. But a lot of what keeps me going, especially in some of these challenging times that we have is other entrepreneurs and relying on them. So talk a little bit about how that takes a community.

Anthony Camacho 10:36
Yeah, it definitely takes the community but it really takes. It’s not just about a community, it’s really about who you choose to surround yourself with. So you want to surround yourself with, obviously other entrepreneurs for community and support but then you want to surround yourself with successful entrepreneurs. You know, and and not that the other entrepreneurs that you may hang around or I may hang around, aren’t on fenomenal are not successful in different ways. But again, going back to what is that level of success that you want, and you have to expand your network and expand your circle and infuse yourself into circles where you might not be the most successful person there. And that’s the circles you want to be in. Yeah, you know, so that’s, that would be my humble advice on the community that you want. You want to have people that are above you more successful, people that are right at your level, and also people that are not at your level that are maybe below that you can help. So it’s a nice circle there of below mid and above.

Janet Fish 11:40
Yeah. And I would also say, Be bold and, and get out there and interact with people that you think, oh, that person would never want to be on my podcast or that person would never really want to talk to me about how to be successful. I mean, just be bold and get out there. Because people really like to help, especially entrepreneurs like to help other entrepreneurs. So I hear a lot of fear that goes into people wanting to reach out to someone that they think is at a higher level. And they think, Well, why would that person want to talk to me or work with me? And I think you just have to be bold. I mean, I didn’t know you very well. And I’m in the middle of a zoom call. And I’m like, You seemed like you were doing this great presentation about sales and whatnot. And so I got a couple things from that one was, I want him on my podcast. So I like interrupted the darn zoom meeting. And I said, Hey, would you come on my podcast? And thank God you said, Yes. And then the other thing is the woman who had was running that particular podcast, I mean, zoom meeting, Suzy, who’s also been interviewed on the podcast, I found out that she was doing a book with you, and I’m like, well, heck, she’s not gonna do a book with him and she’s not gonna do a book with me. So I immediately got on and, you know, said, Hey, Susie, we got to talk about you know, let’s do a book together. So I think you need to be bold and get out of your way and just ask because what’s the worst thing that can happen that they say no. And, okay. They said, No.

Anthony Camacho 13:08
Yeah, exactly. And I believe that’s the other part of the mindset is understanding that you really do have to respect everybody and respect the success that they’ve achieved. And then also give success to the CEO the same way we give respect to the janitor. Yeah. But there’s nothing to fear. They’re just people.

Janet Fish 13:29
Yeah, that’s right. My dad taught me that he was a very high level executive that sold to the presidents of of oil companies like Texaco and mobile and all of that. So he we always had these really high level dudes in our house. And I remember the day that the dog chewed, we had a little puppy and she chewed a hole in one of the guys suits because it was candy in there. And the guy he I’m sure it was a super, super expensive suit at suit and all of that and the guy was just like super chill and My dad was like, these guys are just like everybody else. Let’s not put them up on a pedestal. I think that’s a super great lesson for all of us because you’re right. They’re just people. So is there anything that you’re doing specifically different during the pandemic to deal with? Or how’s your business in the pandemic? Is there anything specifically you’re doing different or any advice you have for people who might be seeing some effects, negative effects from the pandemic and all that’s going on right now?

Anthony Camacho 14:30
Right. The main thing I can share with people is to be resourceful take advantage of technology and you’re doing a great job of that you’re you’re maximizing your your zoom, zoom videos, or you’re putting in putting them on Apple. I mean, you are maximizing you are part of other zoom groups. That’s how you’re able to get you know me on on your podcast. So I would tell people that this is the time to break out of your comfort zone and do some video and it doesn’t have to be this Hollywood production, it could be something genuine, something real and good content, you know, and and if you’re worried about, oh, I don’t like the way I look or I don’t know what to say, you have plenty of you have plenty to say and grab three bullet points of something that you feel is important that maybe people would need to hear or that they would need some type of positivity regarding related to your business and share that. And it could be a 22nd video and then at the end how people can get ahold of you. Yeah, you know, so just simple things like that utilizing social media being part of other social media groups, advertising, marketing that cost nothing, you know, to be part of these, you know, these different groups. So obviously, you want to follow the rules, you know?

Janet Fish 15:56
Absolutely. Well, in zoom has been amazing. I was on some zoom calls before all of this happened. And now we’re on a bazillion zoom calls. And I’m actually surprised of how much business I’m actually getting from people that I’m meeting in zoom breakout rooms. I mean, it’s, I hope that I can’t wait to get back to face to face. But I hope that there’s a piece of this that continues because your reach is so much further. And I can you know, I, I’ve coached people in 16 different countries, so I don’t need to be face to face to do any of that. So, just like you said, I love that get out there and embrace technology because I think it’s really important, especially when we’re kind of stuck at home without being able to go do a lot of face to face things. So I know you’ve written a couple of books, talk about them what they are and what got you into writing books, because I’m a big I’ve written five. So I’m a firm believer of books are important. So talk a little bit about the books you’ve written.

Anthony Camacho 16:56
Cool. Well, I didn’t know you wrote five books. That’s phenomenal. Yeah. gratulations Thank you. That’s super awesome. So I always have

Janet Fish 17:04
them right here right? Is that what your day is like? Yeah, sure you got yours right probably right next year.

Anthony Camacho 17:09
Yeah, I have six six published books. One of them is on sales, salesmanship. In other words on for sales leaders. Another is an inspirational sales quotes. Another is on cold calling. Two of them have become international bestsellers. And four of them are all bestsellers and then the other two I was asked to participate in one was in a professionals book of different professionals a compilation book. And then the other one was like a word compilation book. So those have been phenomenal passion projects that I like just for myself, you know, and I’ve also used those books as well to to close deals to get my foot madore to use them as a sales funnel to get in front of prospects and to, you know, close deals so that the books have been a phenomenal way of marketing prospecting, cold calling, and it’s super easy. I just tell people just go to Amazon type in Anthony Camacho right in the search bar, and you’ll see my books pop right up. Awesome, though. Yeah, it’s been phenomenal.

Janet Fish 18:28
So um, talk a little bit more or go into a little bit more detail of how you use your book as a as the top of your funnel. How do you use your book to get in front of more people? How do you use your book to grow your database? Tell me how people can actually utilize a book to really grow their business because you’ve done it really effectively. And you shared on another zoom call that I was on some of that. So I’d love for you to just share a little little bit of that with us.

Anthony Camacho 18:58
Yeah, absolutely. So you want to incentivize people about your book when you want so so I will ask people, if you if you leave an Amazon review for me that I will give you a 20 minute, you know, sales performance coaching call. And every time that I get one of those reviews, I’ll actually post that on my social media. And I’ll post asked if I can post it on their social media. So every review that you get, you want to be able to post that on your social media, multiple social media posted on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and I also put a link so people can buy my book. And so I also have used it to get my foot in the door with fortune 100 companies. I have been blessed to speak with decision makers and say, hey, look, I got a special promotion right now. If you buy my book for your 25 salespeople, I will come in and give you guys 30 or 45 minute sales workshop. And so I’ll use that approach. And I’ll have everyone in the room all the salespeople, whole sales department, 2530 salespeople Hold up, you know, the book, I’ll take a picture of that. And I’ll post that also in my social media with links. And so it’s really just about being top of mind because if you’re out of sight, out of mind, and you just need to share, just share Hey, I, I got my new book, whoo, you know, and you just share it, you know, and you have enthusiasm about it and, and you just continuously share. I have a complete Facebook photo album, just to all the multitude of Amazon reviews and pictures and, you know, I’ve used my book, and I’ve taken pictures in Australia when I did some sales training in Australia. And so the people out there had pictures with the book I taught at University, University of Riverside and had the students hold up book with prospects and, and just just having fun with it. So that’s what I’ve been doing.

Janet Fish 21:06
Now. That’s awesome. So do you have any advice for someone who’s thinking about starting a business?

Anthony Camacho 21:12
Yes, the resounding theme is talk to people who have the success that you want. And and even offered to pay them even offered to pay them say, hey, I want to do XYZ. How did you do it? Where did you start? Where would the roadblocks that you hit? What advice could you give me? And you might be surprised. Maybe somebody might say, don’t worry about it. I’ll give you some information. But I would, I would make a list of about challenge yourself. Make a list of 10 people that you know are successful in an endeavor that you want to pursue and make that list and go after them. Maybe you’ll get all 10 maybe you’ll get eight, maybe you’ll get five maybe we’ll get three. But if you don’t ever seek outside yourself to be better bigger and better, then you’re always going to be where you’re at, you know, and that’s, that’s the humble advice we give.

Janet Fish 22:07
I love that be bold and get out there. Do you have a favorite quote? And why?

Anthony Camacho 22:14
I really like I had my business card for many years.

by failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.

Janet Fish 22:24
I like that.

Anthony Camacho 22:25
Yeah. And I believe that one’s by Benjamin Franklin. So say that again. by failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.

Janet Fish 22:35
That’s really good. I really liked that.

Anthony Camacho 22:38
I had that, you know, I had that on my card. So mainly for myself, you know, I was like, What do I got to do to prepare because I don’t want to fail. So, you know, just little things like that, you know, quotes. I love quotes.

Janet Fish 22:50
Yeah, that’s great. That’s awesome. Any next big thing for you? Is there any big thing that’s on the horizon? Oh,

Anthony Camacho 23:02
Big thing on the horizon. Yeah, yeah, I’m making some international deals. So I’m I’m pretty good at sales and consulting. So I’ve had other people look for my expertise and input for some international deals where I get to broker and make a percentage. So that’s that’s the new big thing.

Janet Fish 23:27
Oh, that sounds pretty exciting. Good luck with that. That sounds like fun. I love doing anything that’s International. So that would that’s that’s really, really awesome. I’m talking about technology. Is there any but other than zoom and what was there a specific technology that you have found that has helped you? build your business grow your business as an entrepreneur, your effectiveness, you’re just ability to go bigger. Is there any specific technology That you would recommend or that you’ve that you’ve used, it’s helped.

Anthony Camacho 24:05
I definitely would recommend using zoom, right? Get familiar with zoom, and how you can give a complimentary workshops like that’s like your entry level funnel, give a complimentary workshop and then upsell them into a, maybe a medium and then you can upsell to a neighbor a higher, you know, program. So definitely you want to be and in these times you want to be promoting and advertising a zoom workshop, at no cost. Yep. And have a good system to collect the prospects information. So you want to build your database as much as possible. So you have people to market to. So if you do not have a good growing database, essentially your business will fizzle out. Yeah. So

Janet Fish 24:57
she’ll go into a little more detail because I know you’ve talked about the need to for names and email addresses or a database or, and I, I personally feel like that doesn’t get as much play as it needs to when I talk to my clients. It’s all about names and email addresses like your database is your gold and your company. And I know you believe that too. So can you expand a little bit more on the importance of doing that?

Anthony Camacho 25:24
Well, yeah, because sales is a numbers game. So if you don’t have enough people to sell to, you know, then eventually and if you’re your prospect list is dwindling down. Again, you’re not going to have that many to sell to because it’s Everyone has their own closing ratio, right. So some people may close at 50% Some people may close 30% 20% 15 it just depends on your selling skill. It depends on your product. It depends on your price point. So the More people, you have to solicit to the greater chance you’re going to have to make a sale. And if you don’t have that growing database, using technology, you can do prospect capture through advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, you know, and you can do that for free by you just doing it manually the work or you can actually hire a company to be able to monitor that. You also want to be able to invest in a company that can create funnels you need this is if you want to start spending some money, you know, you want to have good ad copy, good copy on how to hook a customer, psychologically to get them into your free workshops. And then what’s the next step you’re like I said, You’re intermediate, but you also have to have really good copy of how to hook your your prospects.

Janet Fish 26:57
Well, and one of the things you mentioned in that video Call that we were in, was going out to wherever your people are, for me their LinkedIn, because I’m selling to other business owners, but going and finding groups that your prospects are in and start to engage in that with those groups and get those people talk to the leaders of those groups. And you had some really great ideas around that once you share those as well.

Anthony Camacho 27:21
Yeah, just basically, you know, look for the different groups that are part of your niche, whatever your niches, whatever your target market is, there they are in Facebook. And if there are certain clients that you want to get after individuals specifically, you can go into LinkedIn and type their name into the search bar, and they will pop up.

Janet Fish 27:41
Yeah, you know, LinkedIn is a great way and I’ve done a lot of that with groups within LinkedIn, and hack if you feel like you don’t have you don’t have enough or can’t find your niche. Then create your own group and start it. I mean, don’t just go and look for other people, but take the initiative and start it. I think is, is a good thing as well.

Anthony Camacho 28:03
Absolutely, absolutely, yeah, you just want to get out there and you want to do things you want to try things. And you can do it one or two ways you can go out there and try things on your own and course correct. And again, reach out to people that know how to do it that have been there done that ask people that know how to market on social media, ask people they know how to write good copy, to be able to do capture of prospects information, and it’s just really about evaluating where you’re at. And what do I need? Make a list? Where am I at? What do I need? How do I get it?

Janet Fish 28:40
And if someone were into So, obviously, you you help people with sales, you’re a sales trainer. How might someone work with you? Or how would they I mean, I get it, they can, they can buy your books, and we’ll put links to the books down below in the show notes. But how might someone work with you? How would you work? Work with a client to help them with their business. Because I don’t want to say just sales, you probably do more than just help them with their sales skills. So talk a little bit about how you help entrepreneurs grow their business.

Anthony Camacho 29:13
Well, very, very simply, and I recommend that everybody does this is you have to do a survey with whoever you’re going to start working with, you will have to understand what their current situation is, what their desired situation is, what their barrier is, what the payout and the reward that they’re looking for. And then what are the long term goals? So you and I believe this is sales 101. You really can’t help anybody until you understand those things. What do they want? What are they looking for? Where are they getting stuck, what do they need, and then you align your product program or service with that gathered information. And going back to what you said that you want to be getting the prospect to talk 90% of the time If you’re only talking about 10% you have a 90% chance of closing the deal. And really what that is that’s called fact finding and being able to build a bridge between your product and what that consumer needs Yeah, instead of guessing you know how what you can do to help them you may be giving them the wrong information, you’re wasting their time and you’re wasting your their money. And essentially, you’re wasting your time as well. So if anyone would like to have a consultation with me, send me an email Hitman at Camacho coaching comm or message me through LinkedIn or message me and Facebook, Anthony Camacho. And I would say, let’s have a conversation, where Yeah, what do you want? And I may not be able to help you. And if I can’t, I’ll direct you to somebody that I know that can but if I can, I will.

Janet Fish 30:51
Yeah, that’s awesome. That’s really good. So what do you want your legacy to be?

Anthony Camacho 30:56
I want my legacy to be that

I helped a lot of sales professionals, entrepreneurs and businesses I want to legacy of this is huge, but I would like legacy that I would that I can have recorded. I’ve helped a million people, you know better their lives better their sales, you know, and that Anthony was a guy that did the best he could no matter what,

Janet Fish 31:24
yeah, you’re gonna reach a million you’re gonna be doing it online because I don’t see. Well, hopefully it won’t be touching a million people face to face.

Anthony Camacho 31:33
Yeah, hopefully it will. Yeah, me times have changed and definitely to be able to. So there’s different ways to get in front of that in those crowds, you know, so, you know, I’ve been able to do seminars where I’m talking to 500 700 people at a time.

I’ve been able to do

up to present day. I’ve calculated I have completed 700 workshops. All across the united states all across Australia. And in Dubai, I’ve done 700 workshops in each one of them ranging from as low as five to as many as 50. So I don’t think it’s nowhere near the million mark yet. But I would say that I would use the medium of seminars, use the medium of workshops, use the meeting of travel, and obviously using zoom calls and technology to get to that mark.

Janet Fish 32:29
Yeah, it’s interesting. I, I had never done this before the whole pandemic happened. And I’d like you were saying I was looking at how do I give back. And you know, my skill set is helping entrepreneurs build their business in a very broad sense, which sales is a part of, but I don’t focus on that entirely. But I went and did a four week online zoom class, which I had never done before and I just was like, I know the content backwards and forwards. I’ve been teaching it forever. Coaching on it but I was just like I’m just gonna go do a class and I did and it was it was really interesting and it was it was scary because I’d never done that before and I’m out there and you know I got 20 people on there watching my podcast or whatever I mean my my class and and i but then I recorded it all and I don’t know what I’m going to do with it yet but you know that I’ll turn it into some kind of a product that sells so

Anthony Camacho 33:22
yeah, absolutely. Yeah, you You seem like a pro you actually I thought you’ve been doing this for years. podcasting?

Janet Fish 33:29
Yeah. Oh no, I started in January.

Anthony Camacho 33:32
So Oh my god. Wow. Like again you are that bold, courageous person you know look at it. It looks like you’ve been doing this literally like you’ve been doing this for years. But your your website that has all the information about the podcast assumes that knew to

Janet Fish 33:49
know I’ve had the website for a while. I just turned my blog, which I had a blog for years into, so I now I post the podcast instead of writing In the blog, but no and you know why it’s so? Well, first of all, I never expected to love this as much as I did. I do. And it’s all because of people like you. It’s all because I get to spend my, you know, half an hour or whatever. Just getting to know new people and, and getting to know better people that I’ve known for a long time because I mean, I interviewed one person who I’ve known for, I don’t know, I’ve known him since 911. So however many years that is,


and I spent hours and I we used to do hundred mile bike rides all the time. So I mean, I spent a lot of time with this guy, and even doing a podcast, I learned something that I didn’t know about him. So. So it’s been really, really great. So thank you. So any final words for somebody who may be out go to the to the direction of if someone’s interested in working with you are interested in finding out more about how they can better their sales skills? Where would you send them them too, and what would you direct them to do? Besides maybe it’s set sign up for a 20 minute consultation with you but where would you like our listeners to go to better hone their sales skills using your brilliance to do so?

Anthony Camacho 35:16
Well, I’m I’m open to if anyone wants to send me an email, it’s Hitman at Camacho coaching com. I highly recommend buying the books on Amazon this go into the into the search engine of Amazon type in Anthony Camacho. That is probably the most economic way to get started to kind of get to know my mindset around selling, you know for sales and sales leadership. And if that really really speaks to you and you want more, then yeah, I would definitely just just reach out via email Hitman at Camacho coaching calm And then you can reach out to me on facebook Anthony Camacho Instagram, Anthony underscore Camacho, LinkedIn Anthony Camacho and you can connect there

Janet Fish 36:12
awesome we’ll get links to all of that below in the show notes so if you’re listening to this look below and you can find that what was I gonna ask you? I’m It must be the heat because I’m like I have this great idea then it like flies out of my head so I don’t know exactly what that is. So any other final words for us as you talk I’m sure my bright idea will come back Okay, now I know what it was because okay, because you’re your Hitman. How did you get the name Hitman

Anthony Camacho 36:46
I got the name Hitman because Hitman don’t make appointments. They just show up at your doorstep. And I got the name Hitman from a company I was consulting with In my 20s, to my early 30s, early 20s to early 30s, with the company for about 10 years, I had the highest closing ratio of bringing new business to the, to the company, and the highest closing ratio of bringing new products to existing customers. And I was just bold and fearless. And just had fun, really, it’s about just having fun and making friends. And I just went out there and said, How can I have some fun? How can I make some friends and in the process I was able to make, make money through cold calling. So I don’t send an email or do a phone call till I’ve met you at least three times. And then I can follow up with an email and then from the email on the phone call and come back again in person and meet you again and then start making some appointments from there. I’ve been doing that, jeez. Close to 20 years and I’ve helped companies make millions and millions have dollars in sales and residual income off of closing these deals from building that rapport getting that face to face, you know, connection.

Janet Fish 38:09
So that’s interesting the the rapport building connection from the Hitman who doesn’t, who knocks on your door and you know,

Anthony Camacho 38:20
doesn’t make phone calls. Because if you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind. No, I agree. And the majority of salespeople that are out there are going to give up, they’re not going to follow up. They’re going to go visit someone maybe once or twice, and I play a long game, which is you’re going to see me frequently, but strategically to where it’s not pesky, but it’s very strategic. And then you start to build a rapport and a familiarity and a likeness and it’s like, why am I not doing business with Anthony Camacho? Yeah, I see him all the time. I see him more than I see the guy I’m doing business with right. You know,

Janet Fish 38:57
any provides good content because at the end of the day, I mean, you’re not harassing. you’re providing people good quality content that they can utilize. And to me, that’s the rapport building right there. I mean, that you’re in front of them, but you’re giving them good content that they can use to actually grow their business. And then they start, and I’ve had a lot of people actually during this, because I’ve been out there a little bit more during the last, what, five months or however long it’s been, who are saying, Yeah, I knew you’re around, but now you’re around a lot more. I really need to look at what you do. And then eventually, they’re one of my clients and so persistence really does matter.

Anthony Camacho 39:35
Yeah, absolutely. And I’ve had a lot of fun during my multi day seminars, and the multi day seminars isn’t just me blabbing up there and talking. It’s extremely interactive. I teach the way I like to learn, which is very interactive and participatory. And I give all my participants in actual workbook that we actually use used for two days where we put on all the things that you want to achieve. And that’s the gold is because you’re not just going and listening to somebody and you’re actually walking away with, like a real blueprint to your success. And we use that to go back to their places of business and continue to consult with them. So when they leave the two day seminar, they can go on their own, they have enough information that they can run on their own, but if they want my additional help to make sure that it to see it through, then that’s when I come in do in house training. And that’s great insistently.

Janet Fish 40:37
Yeah, excellent.

That’s awesome. Good. I got a lot of fun with that, too.

Are you doing in? Are you in person? Are you doing seminars now? virtually? Or is that something that’s on hold until we get back to face to face type meetings?

Anthony Camacho 40:53
Um, I really enjoy doing things live and yeah, right. I’ve had some great venues I’ve done venues. Um, my two day seminars have been at the Wynn in Las Vegas, have been at the ARIA in Las Vegas. I’ve been at Pelican Hill, Newport Beach, at the Langham Hotel in Pasadena which used to be the old Ritz Carlton. So I really like ambience I like to take my clients out of their normal business and and put them into a different world and give them some ambience. So no, I haven’t done too much with with the zoom as far as seminars because they’re really long I just, I don’t know if I could do a two day seminar on

life. Yes. I don’t know if I could sit to a two day seminar. Yeah, exactly.

Like that. And I get I’m a big huge believer in I teach the way I like to learn. I’m thinking like, there’s no way I could sit there. So people can’t but I’m, I’m thinking I can’t see anywhere for today. Yeah, I’m with you.

Janet Fish 41:59

Anthony Camacho 42:01
way, I haven’t done that, you know. So I’m still going into a couple places of business where I’m doing consulting, and training for the sales staff, the sales leaders and even some of the upper management. Awesome, though. That’s that’s what’s been been really fun.

Janet Fish 42:17
Awesome. All right, Anthony, thank you so much for spending a little bit of time with us this afternoon. I really appreciate you. You’re awesome.

Anthony Camacho 42:24
Thank you to Janet. It’s an honor to be on your show.

Janet Fish 42:28
Oh, you’re so sweet. I really appreciate it. I’m sure I’ll see you in some of these zoom calls as we go forward.

Anthony Camacho 42:33
For sure. For sure. Looking forward to seeing you in person one day.

Janet Fish 42:36
Yeah, that would be really great, wouldn’t it? It’ll happen. It’ll happen. All right, Anthony. Thanks so much. Have a great afternoon. You too. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you for listening to the breakaway entrepreneur with Janet Fish. If you liked our show and want more, check us out at www dot breakaway if you have any questions, please email me at coach at breakaway business coaching dot com. I’ll answer your questions in an upcoming podcast. If you’re enjoying our podcast, please share it with your friends and colleagues. I hope you’ll join us next week.

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