Midlife Fulfilled with Bernie Borges E122

This week I sit down with Bernie Borges, he’s got an interesting story, he’s an entrepreneur who after many years working for himself, got a job!  I call him the reverse engineer entrepreneur. I think you’ll enjoy his story and how he’s got a side hustle exploring what it means to be fulfilled in midlife, or at any season of your life. 

 In this episode we chat about:

😎     The U Happiness Curve

😎     The myths of midlife crisis

😎     The BF (before fulfilled) and AF (after fulfilled) experience

😎      The post pandemic human element         

Mentioned in the Episode – The Great Resignation Part One

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Meet Bernie Borges – Marketing Strategist | Speaker | Podcaster | Voice Over Professional

Bernie Borges is Vice President, Global Content Marketing at iQor, a leading BPO. He’s co-founder and Advisory Board member at Vengreso, The Digital Sales Transformation company. Bernie is a voice-over professional and the host of the award winning Modern Marketing Engine podcast which retired at episode 300. He now hosts the Midlife Fulfilled podcast. 

Bernie has previously taught the Content Marketing module in the University of South Florida Digital Marketing Certificate Program. 






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