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  • How Gratitude Can Grow Your Business E151

    My friend Olympia gave me a book on meditation for the holidays. Confession, I’m not a meditator (if that’s even a word). However on a stormy day I started to not only read the book, but practice some of the exercises in it. In this episode I share how gratitude and compassion can affect your […]

  • Celebrating 150 Episodes E150

    OMG, how did this happen?  I can’t believe we’re on Episode 150.  To commemorate the occasion I put together 8 of my favorite episodes. I hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane, I know I did. Mentioned in the episode: Episode 82 – Email Marketing Automation Episode 83 – Marketing Audit with Daphne Jones […]

  • Customer Based Network Marketing with Rachel Kellogg E149

    Rachel, an expert in Multi-Level Marketing stops by to share her insights on how she and her company Beyond Slim are revolutionizing the industry.  If you’re in the network marketing space or looking at joining a multi-level marketing company, this episode is for you.  Among other brilliant thoughts we discuss:  🎤     Life beyond the […]

  • Virtual Speaking Engagements E148

    This week I wanted to talk about virtual speaking engagements. It’s a perfect time to start thinking about getting on virtual stages next year. In this episode I share some things to consider as you form your speaking plan for next year. Check out my Holiday Promotion.   Or listen on your favorite player: Questions? If […]

  • What I’m Thankful For E 147

    Here’s my annual “Thankful” episode. This year I’m focused on what I’m thankful for that came out of the Pandemic.  I know, a strange twist, but hear me out.  What are you thankful for this year? Till next week,Janet   Or listen on your favorite player: Questions? If you have questions, please send an email […]

  • Marketing Audit with Sharon Caren E146

    In this Marketing Audit Sharon and I sit down to talk about her marketing strategies. Sharon is doing  a lot of things right, however we could all benefit from having more sales conversations.  My biggest takeaways: 🔑      Open rate is great, however it doesn’t guarantee sales 🔑      Educate your team on […]

  • Break Room Zoom Party – The Grind vs The Flow E143

    Welcome to another Episode of the Break Room Zoom Party. In this episode we explore the grind vs the flow. What is the Grind vs the Flow?  How to get from the Grind to the Flow: 😎     Take a step back and look at the big picture 😎     Forcing things to happen vs […]

  • Holiday Promotions Revisited E144

    Here we are, we’re coming into the holiday season again. It’s not too early to start thinking about your Holiday Promotion. Last year I did an episode talking about holiday promotions, and much of what I talked about still works. I’ve updated the former episode with some insights into creating your own irresistible offer.   Lessons […]

  • Dealing with Unhappy Clients E145

    Dealing with disgruntled clients is part of being in business.  Not all clients are ideal clients, sometimes we come across a client who is a pain in the a$$. I get it, it happens, in today’s episode I talk about some ways to deal with it.  In this episode I explore:  🤑      Dealing […]

  • Expand Your Fempire with Caterina Rando E142

    Caterina Rando is a woman on a mission. She shows entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and speakers how to build influence and gain insta-clients with speaking and authentic selling. In my interview with Caterina we explore: 🔑     How to Ask for the Money 🔑     How to Dance Through Objections 🔑     The Key Thing you […]

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