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  • Entrepreneur Risks E137

    Starting you own company is hard and there are risks involved.  In this episode I talk about some of the risks and how to face them.    Or listen on your favorite player: Questions? If you have questions, please send an email to             coach@breakawaybusinesscoaching.com I’ll answer your questions on an upcoming Q & A […]

  • Marketing Audit with Janet Gourand E136

    Janet Gourand is the founder of TribeSober a non-profit helping women transform their lives through sobriety. Janet’s key marketing challenge was reaching and helping more people and she needed to make more money to do it. Most companies make more money by finding new clients and Janet’s company is no exception, however you’ll find through […]

  • Marketing Audit with Emily Murphy E140

    We covered a lot of ground in this Marketing Audit. Here’s just some of what we talked about: 🎤     How to plug holes in a product funnel 🎤     Pre-qualifying leads 🎤     Sales funnel 🎤     Memberships vs private coaching 🎤     Promoting your lead magnets 🎤     Why email marketing 🎤    […]

  • Improve Your Elevator Speech E139

    This week I share my thoughts about what makes a great elevator speech. You know that first impression you get 30 seconds to a minute to make. I’d love to hear yours. Email me at Janet@breakawayllc.com.   Or listen on your favorite player: Questions? If you have questions, please send an email to             coach@breakawaybusinesscoaching.com […]

  • The Future of Events with Earlene Coats E138

    It’s been over a year since we did an episode talking about Virtual Events. A lot has changed over the course of the last few years. Earlene Coats, Virtual Event Strategist is back to give us an update on where events stand, in-person, virtual and hybrid. Some of what she shares may surprise you, I […]

  • Let’s Talk Imposter Syndrome E135

    Imposter syndrome. It came up in my chat with Christina Massey Episode 133 of the podcast. Some of what she shared with me inspired me to record this episode.  We have all experienced it, in many different forms: Am I good enough? Who am I to be the expert? Whose gonna pay me that? Yadda […]

  • 3 Challenges E134

    It’s August, however it doesn’t really matter what time of the year it is, this episode may still resinate. I’m issuing a challenge to go out and do 3 things that scare, or challenge you.  It all started with a challenge from my good buddy Adam Schaeuble from Podcasting Business School. @podcastingbusinessschool Adam issued a […]

  • Planning for September E133

    It’s August, is it too soon to be planning for September. Remember when they said September is the new January? What are you doing to get ready for the end of summer, vacations, just chillin’ and hit the ground running come Fall? In this episode I talk about how to make the most of the […]

  • Marketing Audit with Sabrina Taylor E132

    This week we’re bringing you another Marketing Audit episode where we talk to entrepreneurs about where they are, and where they want to go in their business. Using my 17 years of coaching over 1000 clients I provide actionable specific marketing strategies you can implement right away.  This week I sit down with Sabrina Taylor. […]

  • Celebrating Being an Entrepreneur with Christina Massey E131

    This is a special episode because I sit down with a good friend of mine to talk about what it’s like being an entrepreneur. Christina and I met less than a year ago, however we have become fast friends in addition to supporting each other in our businesses. We covered a lot in this episode, […]

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