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  • Increase Sales By Bundling Products

    Increase Sales By Bundling Products

    Bundling products is a great way to increase sales. You’ve probably experienced bundling in the past. Did you ever walk into the store just looking to buy one thing and then end up with four more items that go with it? This didn’t happen by accident. Product bundling is one strong strategy for getting customers […]

  • Corporate Compliance – Why it’s Important

    Corporate Compliance – Why it’s Important

    You’ve incorporated, congratulations, now what? Part of running a successful business is keeping up with the internal details; running your company like a real company. It’s called corporate compliance and while it isn’t everyone’s idea of fun it’s absolutely necessary. Without comprehensive compliance policies in place, your business could end up in some serious trouble. […]

  • 3 Signs its Time to Incorporate

    3 Signs its Time to Incorporate

    “Is it time to incorporate?” Entrepreneurs should be asking themselves this question as soon as they decide to start a business. Many of my clients have been advised by their accountant or tax advisor to remain a sole proprietor. While I’m not in a position to challenge that advice, here are some things to take […]

  • Strategic Marketing Plan

    Strategic Marketing Plan

    Marketing is one of, if not the most critical component of building your business, yet so many struggling entrepreneurs treat it as something to get to some day. I’ll tell you this right up front, without a marketing plan, you’ll never get to that financial freedom day you dream of. Random marketing leads to random […]

  • Customer Lifetime Value

    Customer Lifetime Value

    In general terms, a customer lifetime value is a prediction of all the value (aka sales) your business will receive from its full relationship with a customer. You don’t know for sure how long your relationship with any given customer will actually last, so you make an estimate. The estimate is usually based on your […]

  • How to Tackle a Seasonal Business

    How to Tackle a Seasonal Business

    One of the challenges of owning your own business is identifying and overcoming a seasonal business. In an ideal world, your customers would walk through your doors at evenly spaced intervals timed to make the best use of your staff and resources. Unfortunately, in the real world, high demand tends to peak at a level […]

  • Be Selfish

    Be Selfish

    Be selfish, sounds just wrong doesn’t it. No one wants to be seen as self centered or selfish. I’m not talking about being a jerk, however it turns out focus on ourselves first can be the most important thing we do for our business and our personal life. Previously I wrote a post talking about […]

  • At Last, the Secret to Sales is Revealed

    At Last, the Secret to Sales is Revealed

    Sales is obviously a critical component to building your business, and yet for many it is the most feared component of building their business. Sales is not something to be afraid of, sales is the fun part. Now I know many of you are rolling your eyes and can’t yet see how sales can be […]

  • Facebook Advertising Can Make or Break Your Business

    Facebook Advertising Can Make or Break Your Business

    Facebook advertising can be a goldmine of potential prospects if you run your campaigns effectively. There is simply no denying the social media’s giant reach. According to Statista in 2016’s first quarter, Facebook had 1.65 million users who were active monthly. With that kind of reach at a relatively low cost, passing on Facebook advertising […]

  • Whose Holding You Accountable?

    Whose Holding You Accountable?

    Accountability is 100 percent necessary for success when you’re running your own business, and this is clear to see when you look at the big picture. Successful entrepreneurs are always holding themselves accountable. They pass on complaining and blaming and make things happen despite unexpected obstacles in their way. Struggling entrepreneurs often blame others and […]

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