Break Through Your Profit Ceiling Virtual Summit E60

In this episode I share my journey towards my first virtual summit. I take you through the process of deciding to host a summit, how to get presenters, etc. I’m real about the challenges and the fear. I hope you enjoy the episode, and I hope you’ll join us March 24th 2021 for the Summit Live!  It’s Free!


Break Through Your Profit Ceiling – 3 Magical Keys to Success.

The 3 Magical Keys are Marketing, Email List Building and Sales.
Join me and 10 experts where we’ll discuss the following:
How to use a book to grow your business
Grow your audience through Instagram
Grow your list through podcasting
Networking with Zoom
Continuous sales improvement
Using LinkedIn to get more sales
Attraction based selling

You have the chance to ask your questions and you’ll receive some really cool free gifts.
I hope to see you there!

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