Break Room zoom Party E106

In our first Break Room Zoom Party of 2022 the topic was planning. Heather, Basheer and Earlene join me in the conversation about our business planning for this year.

We touched on:

         ❇️ A new way to plan

         ❇️ Getting ahead of it this year

         ❇️ Balance and boundaries

         ❇️ What by when accountability

        ❇️ Word for the year

        ❇️ Processes and systems

        ❇️ Being flexible in our “new normal”

How are you planning for 2022? How do you stay accountable? 

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Episode updates:

            I have settled upon my word for the year and it’s FEIRCE. 

            I am now using Later to schedule my posts and stories.

Contact our guests:

Basheer Muhamad – Backstage Funk with Basheer Podcast


            (Yes those are birds you hear in the background, Basheer’s birds)

Heather Zeitzwolfe – Get the Balance Right Podcast

            Get the Balance Right on

Earlene Coats – Everyday University


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