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The Best Ways to Build Your Email List

If you want to build your business you must first start to build your email list. Despite what you may have heard, email is not dead, especially when it comes to marketing. Entrepreneur Magazine reports that for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can potentially yield $44 in return, and research has shown that emails generate 50 percent more leads that other lead-generating methods.

To reap the full benefits of this low-cost, highly effective marketing tactic, you’ve first got to build your email list.

Make subscribing a part of your homepage

Give visitors a clear opportunity to opt-in for email communications on your website. While pop-up boxes were once quite popular, you’ve got to be careful with them because they can annoy users, especially if the boxes interfere with their experience. Other good website areas for your opt-in box include the bottom and top of your website, although the top is always preferable. Make sure the text that the customer sees lets him or her know exactly what becoming part of your mailing list entails, including all of the benefits.

Add an email opt-in to your order page

A quick way to build your email list is by allowing customers to opt-in at the point of sale. This can be done in-store by your staff and online when customers check out. Go for brevity here because customers who are checking out online usually want to do so quickly. One or two simple lines that summarize sign-up benefits next to a checkbox customers can click to be added is one easy way to do this.

Use word of mouth

If you’ve got subscribers on your list right now, you can get them talking by offering a discount or small incentive. Capitalize on this type of marketing by including email sign-up on your viral components, such as features that allow your visitors to forward products to family and friends. This tactic works especially well with sweepstakes entries and new sign-ups because these subscribers tend to be more excited about spreading the word.

Try value-added items

Offer value-added items such as informative documentation, webinars and newsletters to your visitors free of charge, but require email opt-in for delivery. This can work for you on two levels: your customers are getting something extra for visiting your website, and you’re making immediate progress on your “build your email list” goals. Make sure that what you offer logically ties into your product funnel. If you don’t know what a product funnel is or how to use one to build your business, Click Here to learn more.

Whatever you decide to do to bulk up your subscriber list, always make sure you’re following any relevant laws and that your opt-in forms are clearly worded. A customer who felt tricked into giving his or her email address to you isn’t likely to return, and you don’t want bad word of mouth.

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