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Build Your List Now!

As you may have gathered from my end of the year post, it won’t surprise you that my 2017 mantra is as follows:

Strategic Marketing Plan + Build Your List + Follow Up = SALES

I’ve been coaching the importance of having a written down marketing plan for years. It is, bar none, the most important thing you do in your business.

I want to expand on that. In the last couple of months, I’ve seen a pattern with many of my clients. They are out marketing, but often without a crystal clear idea of what they want from their marketing efforts. What is the call to action? What do you want someone to do? Be specific.

Most of your marketing time, energy and money should be spent building your list. Too often the goal of getting a name and email address gets lost in the doing of marketing. Set a goal for yourself, mine is to add 1000 qualified names to my list in 2017.

Analyze and Revise

Review your marketing plan frequently, (I analyze mine on the first Monday of every month).

For each of your marketing strategies or tactics, ask yourself the following questions:
How many leads did this strategy generate?
If the goal of the particular strategy is to sell something – How many sales did I make?
Depending on the answer, what do you need to change?
If it’s working, how can you rev up your results?
If it’s not working, what can you to do to tweak it to get better performance?
It is time to stop and move on?

The underlying goal is to figure out if the strategy is working. Keep in mind that often it takes some time to determine if the strategy is working so don’t abandon a tactic before you really know how effective it is.

Of course none of this matters if you aren’t doing follow-up so make sure you have a process for effective and efficient follow-up. To learn more check out my post If Your Not Doing Lead Follow-up You’re Out of Business.

Right now make a commitment to building your list. Quantify how many leads you will add to your list this year. Share your goals below.

Remember – Strategic Marketing Plan + Build Your List + Follow Up = SALES.






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