Build your Business Foundation E21

Today I’d like to take a different angle and provide some content rather than interview my guests. I’m just feeling like changing things up a bit.

I recently started a free online course where I take entrepreneurs through my 10 step process of starting and growing a profitable business.   

The first module of the course covers the foundation of building a successful business. We cover you why – what’s the true underlying reason you became an entrepreneur, creating a business plan for your business and the most important foundational component, who are you selling to, who’s your target market.  

One of the things I see a lot with my clients is the lack of a sound foundation for their business. They decide to start a business, then they jump right in without thinking they need a framework in which to build. You wouldn’t build a house without a strong foundation, you shouldn’t launch a business without one either.

Whether you’re  just starting a business or want to revisit and revamp your basic infrastructure,  I hope you enjoy this episode.

1:00 – Business Foundation
1:20 – Your Why
3:40 – Setting your goals
5:30 – Adjust your goals for Covid-19
6:00 – Homework
6:40 – Starting a business
9:45 – Create a business plan
11:05 – Model company
14:30 – The entrepreneur mindset
16:15 – Target market
19:20 – Where to find your target market
20:00 – Aspirin vs vitamin marketing
22:10 – Your elevator speech
25:00 – People love to talk about themselves
26:20 – Stuck? Ask a question

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