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Your Business Plan Needs Balance

Your business isn’t only about numbers, facts and figures. It includes creativity, thought and some other less tangible resources, too. No matter how strong your drive is and how thorough your business plan is, there is one resource you don’t have an unlimited source of and may have forgotten about, and that is time.

When you’re detailing your path to success, you’ve got to consider your time and where you’re going to spend it. While a business naturally needs a lot of attention, especially a new one, you also have to get in some time with your friends, family and other loved ones. Without a good work-life balance, you risk burning yourself out and succeeding at the expense of your entire personal life. Success may be sweet, but it often takes on a sour note if you’ve got no one left to share it with.

Place some work hour limits

Your business plan is always a work in progress, and that includes the part covering how many hours you’re spending working. Set a limit of hours per week and always stick to it. This limit can change over time as the demands of your business fluctuate, but always have that weekly maximum in your mind. If you find yourself constantly going over this amount, you may need to make some changes so that you’re not constantly working.

Lose those time-sapping activities

There are probably some things that you do on a regular basis – both at work and in your off-time – that steal time from right under your nose. Take stock of your daily activities and lose the ones that don’t add any value to your personal life, your career or your business. When you’re not getting anything out of it at all, you are simply wasting time that you cannot afford to lose and making your work-life balance goals more difficult to reach.

Look into outsourcing

In any new or small business, resources are often tight, so outsourcing may seem out of the question. However, the truth is that you probably have one or two weekly errands that eat your time but could be done by someone else at a very low cost. You could hire someone local to do light landscaping to free yourself of those weekend chores or have your laundry picked up, done and dropped off. Try this exercise to find out what activities you should look to hire out first.

Whatever you decide to do, always be ready to pull back when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by work. If you don’t take care of yourself, you simply won’t be able to take care of your business properly.






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