Bust Out of Your Comfort Zone E76

Continuing with my Opening up post pandemic theme, this week I share the 5 new things I’m doing to bust out of my comfort zone.  

1.     The Break Room Zoom Party, a twice a month gathering of entrepreneurs. Come join us for support, engagement and the chance to promote your business.


2.     I’m hosting a weekly room in Clubhouse. The newest social media platform, I’m going to give it a try to see what all the hubbub is about. You can find me @janetkfish. Follow me and join us in our weekly room.

3.      I’m going Live! Join Fun Friday Foolery on Facebook.  I’m embracing going live, even though it’s totally out of my comfort zone.  Although I have to admit going Live with someone else makes it easier.  Not to mention it’s Friday happy hour so that helps too. Head over to https://facebook/groups/theBEcommunity to join our Facebook Group community and join us Live!  

4.     I’m hosting the Tools to Break Through Your Profit Ceiling Giveaway. If you want to be part of the giveaway, contact me. If you want access to all the cool tools, stay tuned.

5.     Rebranding the Podcast. June 26th, look for the new look and name –  Break Through Your Profit Ceiling Podcast

What are you doing to bust out of your comfort ceiling?  I’d love to hear!!

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