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  • Sending Value Add Weekly Emails E161

    Staring at a blank page not knowing what to write about? Yeah, I get it, that happens to me too. Now I’m armed with a template for my weekly emails. I use the template to provide the framework for what I talk about each week.  If you struggle with creating content for your weekly email […]

  • The Power of Speaking E160

    In this episode I talk with Suzy Prudden about the power of speaking. Speaking on stage can be one of the most effective marketing strategies for getting new leads.We cover: How to get speaking engagements What to say when you’re on stage – for 10 minutes or 90 minutes Overcoming the fear of speaking Using […]

  • 3 Risks of Not Doing Email Marketing E159

    We always talk about the benefits and the power of email marketing. In this weeks episode I’ll talk about the risks of not doing email marketing. If you’re not contacting your prospects and customers, your competition is. It’s hard to get referrals when they can’t remember your name. Your spending money on less effective email […]

  • ChatGPT for Small Business Owners E158

    In this episode of “Breaking Through Your Profit Ceiling,” I share my thoughts about ChatGPT and how small business owners can use it to create content and streamline their marketing activities. What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is an advanced language generation model developed by OpenAI. It’s designed to generate human-like text based on input it receives. […]

  • 3 Ways to Make Money with Your Email List E157

    Are you making money with your email list? If so, that’s awesome. If not, this episode is for you. I outline 3 strategies for making money with your email list.  If you’re ready to put your email list to work for you, listen to this episode 🎤     Sell your products and services 🎤    […]

  • Using Social Media to Build Your Email List E156

    If you’re not using your social media to build your email list, listen to this episode.Using social media to build your list should be the first thing you consider when spending time build your social media presence.   Or listen on your favorite player: Questions? If you have questions, please send an email to             […]

  • Celebrating 3 Year Podversity E155

    It’s hard to believe it’s been 3 years since I published my first episode of the Podcast. In this episode I celebrate the milestone with my PodPal and good buddy Adam Schaeuble.  We talk about podcasting naturally, however we explore how the marriage of podcasting (or any marketing strategy the generates leads) and email marketing […]

  • Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make E154

    I’m going to say it again, I think the biggest mistake I see entrepreneurs make when growing their business is not taking advantage of their email marketing asset. In this episode I share why you should focus on email marketing in these specific areas: Build Your Email List Email Engagement Email Automation Follow Up If […]

  • 23 Wishes For 2023 E153

    Happy New Year. In this episode I share my 23 wishes for 2023. What do you wish for in 2023?   Or listen on your favorite player: Questions? If you have questions, please send an email to    I’ll answer your questions on an upcoming Q & A podcast.

  • Do This Not That -E152

    Wow, it’s the last episode of 2022. Hard to believe.In this episode I share my most significant lessons learned for 2022.I’m grateful for all that this year has brought me, especially you the listener. I’ll see you in the New Year. Shout out to my PodPal Adam Schaeuble from Podcasting Business School. If you’re interested […]