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  • Lead Magnets to Email Campaigns How To E130

    In this episode I want to connect the dots between how to use a lead magnet to grow your email list and how to effectivity market using email marketing and automations. I’ve done separate episodes on lead magnets and email marketing automations, however in this episode I want to share how the two work together […]

  • Break RoomZoom Party E129

    I did a podcast recently about my Business Success Timeline – Episode 119 where I described the 4 phases of having a business.  In this week’s episode of the Break Room Zoom Party I shared a bit of that with my fellow entrepreneurs. We also talked about lead magnets and email marketing. The 4 Phases are: 💰  […]

  • Marketing Audit with Pam Hoffman E127

    This week Pam Hoffman stops by for a Marketing Audit.   If you’re not familiar with a Marketing Audit, I sit down with entrepreneurs and we talk about where they are and where they want to go in their business.  We focus on your current marketing strategies and come up with actionable steps you can […]

  • Creating Customers for Life with Jay Tinkler E126

    This episode is all about creating customers for life. You know customers that love to refer others to you, that love to tell stories about how wonderful you are. We all could use a little bit more of that. This week Jay Tinkler shares a wealth of experience on how to get and keep customers […]

  • Break Room Zoom Party E125

    In this week’s episode we’re having a party, and we’re talking about the Great Resignation, and how to effectively use social media to promote your business.  It turned out to be a bit of a random discussion, however I think there’s some nuggets in there if you are starting a business, growing your business and […]

  • Break Room Zoom Party E121

    In this week’s episode I’m bringing you another edition of our Break Room Zoom Party. This week we talk about lead magnets and my guests share their lead magnets and how they use them to grow their businesses.  Just a couple of things we talked about:             Give away your […]

  • Marketing Audit with Rochelle Margucci E124

    This week I sit down with Rochelle Margucci for another Marketing Audit. Rochelle is a bookkeeper and tax professional. In the episode we talked about: 💰     Solving the right problem 💰     Serving your ideal clients, not all clients 💰     Building your business through outsourcing 💰     Why people buy from you 💰  […]

  • Fear of Success E123

    Have you ever felt like you were cruising along all green lights and then Boom, life happens and stops you? Me too. That’s the topic of this week’s episode. Fear of success. In this episode I share:             ✅       How the fear of staying stuck must be greater that […]

  • Midlife Fulfilled with Bernie Borges E122

    This week I sit down with Bernie Borges, he’s got an interesting story, he’s an entrepreneur who after many years working for himself, got a job!  I call him the reverse engineer entrepreneur. I think you’ll enjoy his story and how he’s got a side hustle exploring what it means to be fulfilled in midlife, […]

  • Marketing Audit with Mary Meduna Gross E120

    In this marketing audit Mary Meduna Gross and I explore: 🔑     The way you refer to your ideal client may not be the way they self-identify  🔑     Identifying your most critical marketing challenge  🔑     Give yourself permission to fill in the blank 🔑     Where to find your target clients 🔑     First […]