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  • Want More Customers?       Do This Not That

    Want More Customers? Do This Not That

    Every small business owner wants more customers and most work really hard to get them. What if there was a way to simplify and focus the process for better results? Nothing I’m going to share with you is new or something you’ve never heard of. My goal is to simplify the process of finding and […]

  • Selling is Fun!

    Selling is fun. Now I know not everyone thinks that, but you will after watching this video. Find out the secret strategy to making sales fun and getting your prospects to Yes! It’s easier than you think.

  • Is September the New January?

    Is September the New January?

    I heard the other day that September is the new January. Is it? After a long hot summer of fun and frolic, many folks were talking about the desire to get grounded and back to the basics. Kids are back in school, vacations are over, time to start again. Much like New Year’s resolutions the […]

  • Advice for Starting a Business

    Advice for Starting a Business

    Recently I was on a panel of entrepreneurs and was asked what advice I would give to someone wanting to start a business.  At least a dozen thoughts went through my head, from the tactical to the strategic. After the event I jotted down some notes, here some advice for starting a business. You don’t […]

  • Teach the Entrepreneur Mindset to Your Kids

    Teach the Entrepreneur Mindset to Your Kids

    As entrepreneurs, I think one of the best things we can do for our kids is to expose them to the entrepreneur mindset. Not all children of entrepreneurs should start their own business, however, I believe encouraging your kids to explore the power of entrepreneurship will serve them well throughout their lives regardless of what […]

  • Build It and They Will Come is Bull

    Build It and They Will Come is Bull

    The phrase “Build it and they will come” was made famous by Kevin Costner in the movie Field of Dreams. The quote was actually “If you build it, he will come. He built the baseball field and low and behold he did come. That’s how it works in the movies. Some say it was originally […]

  • I Hate Free

    I Hate Free

    Work with me for any length of time and you’ll discover how much I hate free. Yes, I do know the necessity of having at least one free product at the top of your product funnel as your irresistible offer to get names and email addresses to build your list. However, most of us give […]

  • Brand – Personal or Business?

    Brand – Personal or Business?

    I get asked quite often by my clients that are just starting their business, “should I brand my name or my company?” My standard answer is, it doesn’t really matter, just make a decision and get to building the business!! However, it’s a great question and here I’ll hopefully give you some things to think […]

  • How Does Google SEO Really Work?

    How Does Google SEO Really Work?

    Are you wondering how Google SEO works? Let me introduce you to Jim Kaspari, web developer and Google SEO expert. Jim is about to share many of the secrets you will need to work the system and get your web pages ranked well and attract organic (natural) traffic to your site. That’s the good news.  The […]

  • Download – Revenue Tracking Template

    Download – Revenue Tracking Template

    Wow, the first quarter is over, where did the time go? So, are you on track to meet your revenue goals? Assuming you have a current and up to date revenue forecast of course. Let’s start there, if you do have a working revenue forecast, congratulations! If you don’t, check out our blog 5 Reasons […]