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  • Why Start a Business?

    Starting a business is hard.  Understanding your underlying reasons for taking that jump can make the difference between success and failure.  It all starts with your “WHY?”  

  • Stop the Planning – Take Action Now

    Stop the Planning – Take Action Now

    Planning is good, shoot it’s downright necessary. However, when the planning takes place of the doing, well, let’s face it, little gets done…  It’s time to stop planning and take action now. The key to success in any business is getting into massive action, doing the right things at the right time. We talk all […]

  • Have a Backup Plan

    Have a Backup Plan

    I had a backup plan. At least I thought I did. Until it failed. Don’t let this happen to you. Just when you think you’re doing things the right way, disaster happens. Last week it happened to me. I had just purchased some new software which required the latest version of the Mac OS. As […]

  • Goal Setting 2018

    Goal Setting 2018

    It’s that time of year, goal setting. While putting together my goals for 2018, I noticed that the goals I had written down for 2015, 2016 and 2017 were frighteningly similar. It appeared I had pretty much the same core goals for the last 3 years. For me that’s concerning. While I had achieved most […]

  • How to Write a Book – Video

    It came up again on a coaching call today, clients wondering, not whether they need to write a book, they clearly know they should, but how to get a book written fast. In this video I explain the simple and straightforward process I use to write books, and I’ve written several. Get started on your […]

  • Coolest Thing Ever

    Coolest Thing Ever

    Digital Marketing requires video, and if you are like most entrepreneurs you don’t know the first thing about making professional looking videos. Who has the money to hire professional videographers? My good friend and fellow entrepreneur, Jim Kaspari turned me on to the coolest thing the other day. Its called Content Samurai and it could […]

  • Investment Strategies and Money Rules – Due Diligence – Part 3

    Investment Strategies and Money Rules – Due Diligence – Part 3

    Now is the time to roll up your sleeves and really get your hands dirty. Due diligence is the single most important step in investing and yet it’s the step a lot of people ignore and then complain when all their money is gone. At this point you have completed Step 1 – explored your […]

  • Investment Strategies and Money Rules – Diversification and Risk Tolerance – Part 2

    Investment Strategies and Money Rules – Diversification and Risk Tolerance – Part 2

    The next step to successful investing is to understand your approach to risk and diversification. There are 3 basic ways to approach risk: Risk avoidance are investment strategies that do not place your principal at risk and often will offer some kind of guaranteed return. Risk avoidance strategies include CD’s, savings accounts or traditional fixed […]

  • Investment Strategies and Money Rules – Part 1

    Investment Strategies and Money Rules – Part 1

    Once you begin to accumulate wealth, many people begin to look for investment strategies to grow their wealth. In this 3-part series we’ll explore your relationship to your money and ways to invest it for profits that fit your specific situation. The ultimate goal is for you to understand your relationship to money and develop […]

  • How to Tackle Overwhelm

    How to Tackle Overwhelm

    Entrepreneurs are not lazy, they work hard. There is always so much to do, which for most of us leads to a sense of overwhelm. It happens to all of us. Things will always take longer than you think or want them to. I’ve never, in all my 13 years of coaching had a client […]