Celebrating Being an Entrepreneur with Christina Massey E131

This is a special episode because I sit down with a good friend of mine to talk about what it’s like being an entrepreneur. Christina and I met less than a year ago, however we have become fast friends in addition to supporting each other in our businesses.

We covered a lot in this episode, here’s some highlights:

😎     Conquering imposter syndrome

😎     Work / life balance

😎     Learning from our failures

😎     Embracing our challenges

😎     The importance of community 

I hope you enjoy our chat. 

Till next week…..

Christina Massey is the CEO of Consistent Clarity Coaching. Christina takes immense pride in helping fellow female entrepreneurs from restless start-ups to full-blown over-the-top success stories! It’s her mission to provide support, offer clarity, full-proof business strategies, and above all – honesty for women who are ready to go from unstuck to thriving.  She’s also one half of the new podcast Midlife Moxie! The podcast was born out of our midlife struggles: empty nest, sandwich generation, and many others like fashion, beauty, and fitness. She & her partner wanted to create a space where women could come and hear that they are not alone. They look forward to growing the community and disrupting the bad hype around “midlife”. Midlife is going to be your best life. 

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