Exploring Servant Leadership with Colleen Sullivan E5

Developing and sustaining a culture of robust process improvement and trust requires a supportive learning environment, quality communication and leadership that models the way. Colleen has been supporting and guiding organizations through that journey for over 20 years.  She has provided executive coaching to over 3,000 C-Suite executives, designed and facilitated over 6,000 meetings and presented 4,000 leadership communication sessions.  Her executive coaching and leadership communication sessions have been sought out by fortune 50 companies, senior military leaders as well as hospitals and clinics worldwide.

She incorporates leading-edge disciplines and tools, including Conversational Leadership to foster sustainable change. Join us for a conversation that explores what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur, and maybe more importantly how to be one of the best role models for what it takes to raise amazing kids that I know.

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In this episode we explore…..


1:30 – Who you are is a journey

3:30 – Work is service to others – servant leadership

6:45 – Journey to success

9:15 – Raining on your parade

13:30 – Listening is leadership

15:30 – Curiosity is key

18:15 – Learning is a choice

20:00 – It’s about them not you

21:00 – Self reflection

22:00 – Reframe your failures

24:30 – Focus on the positives first

26:00 – Asking for help

30:30 – Understand the expectations

33:00 – Priorities and work life balance

36:45 – Take care of yourself first

37:50 – Observations without judgement

42:00 – Judgement is the mind killer

47:00 – They don’t care about you till they care about you

48:30 – Try is the lowest form of commitment

50:10 – Servant Leadership

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