Content Creation E66

The question of how to create products has come up numerous times recently and that always signals to me that I should talk about it here on the podcast. So today is all about how to create products.

  • Your Product Funnel
    • What is it?
    • Why do you need one?
    • How to create one
  • Creating products made simple
    • Creating products made simple

      • What is a lead magnet?
      • Selling down the funnel
      • Total value of a customer
      • Selling affiliate products

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In the episode I mention a document on how to create your lead magnet.  Instead of linking to the document on how to create a lead magnet, I included it below: 

We all know that lead generation starts with the no cost offer at the top of
 our product funnel. I often get asked, what kind of lead generation product
 ideas make an irresistible no cost offer?

 Below find a quick and dirty list that should get you off and running creating
 your no cost products NOW!

 Some thoughts:
 The tendency is to give away too much. I like to explain it like this, when
 teaching someone something, there is the “what” and there is the “how”.

 Never give away the “how”. Give away the “what” it is; the steps, the tips or
 tricks, the “best”, but never give away the “how” to do it. Giving away too
 much will stall the sale of your product as they process and implement what
 you have given away for free.  Your prospects must pay for the “how.”

 Keep it simple. One page is often best if it’s a list.
 Once created, use companies like to make it pretty. For just a few
dollars you can hire a graphic designer to add a professional look and feel.

Make sure your free offer is what your target market wants and needs. Make
it about them, not about you and what you know.

Below are some examples of no cost offers to get you started.

Checklists –
o (X Number) Things You Should Never Do
o (X Number) Things You Should Always Do
o (X Number) Things You Should Know About
o (X Number) Things Every Successful ______ Knows

Cheat Sheets
Tips and Tricks
Email Series
Video Series
Email Subscriptions
How-To Guides
Interviews with Experts
Original Data and Research
Slideshare Presentations
Resource Lists
Free Trials
White papers
One Pagers
Quizzes – everyone loves a quiz

 This is not an exhaustive list but should provide a great place to start.

I hope you enjoy our chat….

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