Marketing Plan Audit with Daphne Jones E83

In this week’s episode I work with entrepreneur Daphne Jones to develop her marketing plan; how to  define her strategies, create a written down plan with intended outcomes that determine success.  We touch on email marketing – speaking of email marketing, I’d like to extend a special invite to my half day Email Marketing and Automation Zoom Workshop. This is a true working session, you will learn the concepts and then have time to do the work. You’ll walk away with at least one written down email marketing campaign and automation.

You should attend if:

            You’ve got email addresses you are not maximizing

            You’re email list is not making you any money

            You know you need a list, however you don’t know what to do to grow your list

            You’re emailing your list but not getting results. 

We’ll cover all those things and much more in the workshop. I’m limiting attendance to 15 so register today..  The workshop is priced at $297, however today it’s only $97.

Click on the link below to get all the details and to register.

Email Marketing and Automation Workshop

I’ll see you in the workshop!!

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