Delegate Your Way to Freedom with Brett Trembly E45

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Today’s episode is about the power of hiring team.

Brett is a prominent Florida lawyer who has learned the value of delegation. In our conversation Brett shares how if you don’t have an assistant, you are an assistant and how hiring team is an asset not an expense. If you’ve thought about hiring a virtual assistant listen to this episode, you ‘ll come away understanding how you can free yourself up to do the revenue producing work that will make the biggest difference in your bottom line.

 I hope you enjoy our chat. 

About Brett : 

In the South Florida legal community, Brett is a former President of the South Miami Kendall Bar Association and former Vice-Chair of the Florida Bar 11th Circuit Grievance Committee 11 “I.” He also volunteers on the Florida Bar Young Lawyers Division Mentoring Program, the Dade-County Bar Associations Rainmakers Committee, and annually volunteers for Miami-Dade County’s Ethical Governance Day. Brett has also been named a Super Lawyers Rising Star in Florida for the past three years.
 Brett also maintains his leadership emphasis and is strongly committed to giving back, serving as Past-President of the Rotary Club of South Miami, Past-President of a B.N.I. Chapter, Vice-President of the Rotary Foundation of South Miami, Inc., as a Director of the Palmetto Bay Business Association, a member of the Pinecrest Business Association, an American Ninja Warrior alum, and Moderator for his E.O. forum. Brett may be reached at

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In this episode we explore…..


01:25 – About Brett

2:25 – Inc 500

3:25 – Explosive growth

4:05 – Overcoming challenges

6:10 – Mentors – control your desity

7:55 – Hiring team is an asset not an expense

8:40 – Persistence and fear of failure

10:55 – The bigger the challenge, the bigger the breakthrough

12:10 – Mindset vs cost of hiring

15:10 – Like to do, good at, making money

16:10 – I can’t afford it

17:55 – Don’t do the work, let an assistant do it

21:55 – No one can do it as well as I can syndrome

22:55 – Your zone of genius

24:40 – Done is better than perfect

26:55 – What do VA’s do?

31:10 -Changing lives

33:10 – 10 ways to use a VA and cool stuff