Making Up for Lost Time with Dot Boyd E2

Dot Boyd has personal experience as a family caregiver, thrust in to action to help her parents fulfill their desire to age at home. As an advocate for her parents, Dot became a trusted resource for extended family and friends who were going through the same experience with their aging loved ones. Dot brings that empathy and first-hand understanding of the challenges facing seniors, families and caregivers, to her role as a Senior Safety Specialist, Independent Consultant for Electronic Caregiver. Dot has a passion for helping seniors preserve their independence and dignity, by using the latest technology developed specifically for the needs of seniors and for those who have the privilege of caring for them.

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In this episode we talked about:


00:30 – Reinventing yourself

2:35 – Team Judy

3:45 – Transition, when is it time to more on?

7:50 – How to keep going when $$$ isn’t flowing

11:05 – How do you know when you’re an entrepreneur?

14:05 – Making up for lost time

15:50 – How to generate leads

19:45 – Find people who know your people

20:30 – Cold calling and fear of sales

23:00 – Entrepreneur traits and characteristics

26:30 – Fake it till you make it

29:15 – Putting it out to the universe

30:30 – The way you do one thing is the way you do everything

36:00 – Ignoring your intuition

39:15 – I wish I’d had a mentor

43:00 – Strattling is really hard

46:30 – Dot, up close and personal

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