Showing Up Post Pandemic E74

This is a bit of a different episode format. Earlene and I meet over a glass of wine to take about what’s on our minds. It all started with a conversation we had on Clubhouse about how, post pandemic we get to choose how we show up, how we can re-invent who we want to be, however it somewhat digressed into one part chat, one part rant, with a good smattering of worthwhile takeaways. Heads up, wine was involved. I liked the chill atmosphere so don’t be surprised if the format re-appears in an upcoming episode.

 In this episode we explored:

  •             How to re-engage at a new level
  •             What are you grateful for because of the pandemic
  •             Assume everyone is somewhat different post pandemic
  •             We can choose how we show up post pandemic
  •             Janet’s email rant
  •             Earlene’s sales rant

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More about Earlene

Earlene Coats is a Virtual Events Strategist.  She is the Founder and President of Everyday University. 

Earlene worked over 30 years as a Systems Architect in the computer industry, so she fluently speaks “geek.” She also has the gift of being able to take the complex, make it simple. 

Virtual events are here to stay!  Earlene recognizes that the Zoom platform and the many technologies can be daunting.  She now supports those who realize that they are missing out on huge opportunities to put on virtual events and workshops with confidence.

Earlene helps you to consider the purpose of your event, considerations related to your audience, the feel or energy of your event in addition to the logistical details related to the technology. There is no one size fits all formula for all virtual events. Make your event reflect your unique personality.

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