From Impossible to Possible Dreams with Earlene Coats E3

Earlene Coats is a speaker and coach who is partnering with parents and communities to fill the gaps in life skills and financial understanding that is not taught in our school system.  She empowers women and young adults to live a life the love and achieve their dreams using their gifts and talents.  She is on a mission to develop millions of financially savvy young adults who are good stewards of their money, time, gifts, talents and giving back to their community.  Imagine living a life you LOVE while inspiring those you love to break out of the norms taught today.  Having built multiple successful companies and lead large organizations, Earlene has learned the importance of finding our purpose and the financial choices we make every day.  Some of what she was taught in the earlier years has significantly cost her both time and money.   She shares these life lessons to help others avoid those mistakes along with simple practical steps that can be put into action immediately. 

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In this episode we explore:


0:45 – Financial literacy is not all about money

2:47 – A teachable moment, re-evaluate what’s working and adjust

6:00- What society doesn’t teach our kids

8:35 – Corporate stability is a thing of the past

11:05 – Control your financial decision

13:15 – Follow your passion as you serve others

14:45 – What stops us from following our dreams?

15:15 – Killing our kids dreams

19:00 – How to achieve your dreams – the 5 steps

22:00 – The dream carriers

26:08 – Questioning advice and shiny objects

27:15 – Listening to your intuition

30:15 – Your passion vs your gifts and talents

34:47 – Your why

36:45 – Making a difference

39:30 – Serving others can serve you

42:00 – Marketing is about them, not you

43:15 – Live YOUR dream not the others dream for you

47:00 – Freedom = risk + hard work

51:35 – Networking advice

53:52 – The future is our kids

55:33 – How to take your dreams from impossible to possible