Email Marketing and Automation Fast Track Bundle
Cyber Monday Special!

Email Marketing and Automation Fast Track Bundle
Limited to 10 people

Are you ready to stop talking about doing email marketing
 and finally do it?

Did you know that it takes an average to 7 - 20 emails to make a sale?

Or that email marketing has on average a 41% Return on Investment compared to other marketing strategies?
If that is not enough to get you to finally include email marketing, I'm hoping this special Black Friday offer will prompt you to take action.
It's time to celebrate Black Friday with exactly what you need in your business.

Learn email marketing and automation best practices with my online course Cards to Cash

Write email automation campaigns and email copy in this doing workshop. Delivered 6 times a year, you can attend as many times as you'd like to get your campaigns and emails written!

Templates to use a example of by best performing automation campaigns and email copy

Coaching - a 30 minute strategy session with me. Lead magnet review, email campaign review, marketing strategies review or whatever you need right now in your business

Get the Email Automation Fast Track Bundle
Limited to 10


Cards to Cash Online Course
Email Marketing and Automation Workshop
Email Marketing and Automation Best Performing Templates
Private Coaching Session

Meet Your Coach

Using my 16 years of experience growing my own business, I will share with you my best performing email automation campaigns.  Create your own email automation campaigns and grow your business using email marketing!

Janet K. Fish

Breakaway Business Coaching

Break Through Your Profit Ceiling Podcast Host

"Success starts with your mindset, however it takes massive action to get there" 

A reformed corporate executive turned serial entrepreneur, Janet has found her passion in coaching others. Known as a PAK, (professional ass kicker) Janet challenges her clients to get out of their own way and get into massive action using the 10-step process she's developed while coaching over 1000 entrepreneurs in 16 countries. Janet helps her clients start or grow their business, make lots of money and invest it for long-term growth and security.

Janet is the host of the Break Through Your Profit Ceiling Podcast and author of the Amazon best-selling book Quit Your Day Job – 10 Steps to Finding Financial Freedom 2nd Edition.

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