Email Marketing and Automation Templates
Cyber Monday Special!

I'm sharing with you my best performing email automations.

Often hear from my clients who are executing email marketing as one of their strategies that they don’t know what emails to send they don’t understand what email copy should go into their automations.


Well I’ve taken the guesswork out of it for you by sharing with you three of my best performing automations with actual email copy included.


Yes I’m giving you the actual email automation campaign flow charts and the email copy that I use in my business.


Don’t reinvent the wheel, use my best performing automations and email templates to create your own tailored for your campaigns.


Think of the hours you’ll save not having to come up with all the copy yourself.


Get the Templates and
email copy


Welcome and Engagement Automation Flowchart
Welcome - Engagement Email Copy (13 emails)
Event Reminder Workflow Automation
Event Reminder Email Copy (2 mails repeatable)
Lead Nurturing Automation Workflow
Lead Nurturing Email Copy (17 Emails)

Meet Your Coach

Using my 16 years of experience growing my own business, I will share with you my best performing email automation campaigns.  Create your own email automation campaigns and grow your business using email marketing!

Janet K. Fish

Breakaway Business Coaching

Break Through Your Profit Ceiling Podcast Host

"Success starts with your mindset, however it takes massive action to get there" 

A reformed corporate executive turned serial entrepreneur, Janet has found her passion in coaching others. Known as a PAK, (professional ass kicker) Janet challenges her clients to get out of their own way and get into massive action using the 10-step process she's developed while coaching over 1000 entrepreneurs in 16 countries. Janet helps her clients start or grow their business, make lots of money and invest it for long-term growth and security.

Janet is the host of the Break Through Your Profit Ceiling Podcast and author of the Amazon best-selling book Quit Your Day Job – 10 Steps to Finding Financial Freedom 2nd Edition.

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