Action is a Skill Set with Eric Lofholm E39

I’m excited about every episode, however this episode ranks way up there on my excitement scale…. I’ve known Eric Lofholm for 15 years, and am honored to call him a  friend, colleague and mentor. In this episode we discuss how action is a skill set, why we all can benefit from continuous sales improvement, how to look at sales as preparation not . I’ve been in sales for more years than I can count and still learn more every day. This episode is full of amazing takeaways.

Eric has been speaking professionally about sales and success for 25 years and has authored 15 books. He’s taught his proven sales systems to thousands of professionals around the world. He believes that selling equals service. He also believes in working towards mastery of the fundamentals of lead generation, appointment setting, and delivering a high quality presentation. Eric lives in Rocklin, California with his wife and 4 children.

I hope you enjoy our chat….

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In this episode we explore…..


3:15 – Top sales producer

4:35 – Do what you do until you don’t

7:35 – Invest in yourself

10:20 – Continuous sales improvement

12:10 – Challenges lead to break throughs

14:00 – Action is a skillset

15:50 – Run towards a challenge

18:15 – Pandemic pivot

22:30 – Take on the challenge

25:00 – Having the strength to move forward

27:15 – Demystifying sales

30:00 – Humans react in redictable ways

31:40 – Reframe the selling concept

34:15 – Year end planning

37:00 – Eric’s new book

38:40 – Anyone can master sales

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