Thoughts from the Heart with Eva Lisle E19

Eva speaks from her heart. She shares her experience as an entrepreneur creating and running two businesses with her husband John.  In this episode we talk about the importance of community, how to leverage networking to grow your business and more importantly how to become a better person through more effective communication.

Eva Lisle is the Executive Director of BNI CA Capital Region, and co owner Outback Solutions, the web design company she and her husband John started 20 years ago.

Eva is an ordained minister and spiritual counselor, a Crocker Art Museum docent, a mother to her two grown daughters, a writer and blogger. In 2015 she completed a blog project called “A Twelvemonth of Self Love” where she posted daily for an entire year. She can throw a party with only 20 minutes notice, loves to read, laugh, ask questions and believes “Talking and Thinking” are both action verbs! She stole her mission statement from the Hard Rock Café: “Love All. Serve All.”

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In this episode we explore…..


1:45 – Speaking through the heart

4:30 – The journey of 2 businesses

7:45 – Everyone figures it out as they go

9:15 – Being in the military is a lot like being in business

11:45 – Caring about the greater good

13:15 – It takes a community

14:05 – Running 2 businesses simultaneously

18:45 – Entrepreneurs work differently

20:15 – It’s not personal, it’s business – really?

22:55 – You need a deeper reason because it’s hard

23:45 – Challenges entrepreneurs face

26:15 – It’s up to you

30:45 – With success comes responsibility

36:15 – Just stop and see where you are

40:00 – Just ask

42:15 – Integris personality traits and intuition

50:55 – How to craft a better marketing message

55:45 – ZimZoom networking

1:02:00 – Positive take aways from the shut down

1:07:25 – 5 pounds of groceries in a 1 pound bag

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