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Facebook Advertising Can Make or Break Your Business

Facebook advertising can be a goldmine of potential prospects if you run your campaigns effectively. There is simply no denying the social media’s giant reach. According to Statista in 2016’s first quarter, Facebook had 1.65 million users who were active monthly.

With that kind of reach at a relatively low cost, passing on Facebook advertising for your business isn’t the wisest move. Nevertheless, you can’t get the best bang for your buck and time if your campaign isn’t run correctly. Here’s what you need to know to run an effective campaign.

Keep your ads targeted

Facebook offers a variety of different targeting options for its ads, including relationship status, age, gender, interests, education and more. Make sure your ads are targeted as narrowly as possible to your potential customers. If you’re targeting more than one group, Facebook itself recommends making different ad sets – one for each prospective audience type. Because there are so many users on Facebook, it’s more effective to seek out the type of people you’re trying to market to rather than wasting time on the wrong audience. Be sure you know your target market before investing in Facebook ads.

If you’re having trouble identifying your target group for your Facebook advertising campaign, you can mine information from “Audience Insights.” This feature is available in the Facebook Ad Manager, it will show you the demographics of the users who have interacted with your business page.

Experiment with placement

Don’t just choose all news feed or all news feed right-column ads. Experiment with placement and run placement reports in the Ad Manager so you can see how well the ads are performing. Adjust their placement as needed.

The ideal approach is to run three ad sets or three campaigns for your current primary advertising campaign plan. Ad sets include news feed right-column ads, news feed mobile ads and news feed desktop ads. With this approach, you’ll be able to control the budget more closely than you would if all your ads were in one ad set or one campaign.

Align your ads with your landing page

Your ad content should align with your landing page content. This will actually help keep your ad costs down!

According to Facebook, after your ad has been served 500 times, you get a daily relevance score on a scale from 1 to 10. This score is calculated by how well you target and the level of positive and negative feedback it generates. Users who click on your ad and end up on a page that doesn’t relate to it will not be happy, and that will affect your score. A lower score means you’ll pay more for your ads, so you want to keep yours as high as possible.

If you’re not using Facebook advertising yet, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Take the time to develop and run a campaign and start getting more leads today!






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