Get Your Midlife Moxie on with Gail Scott E96

Be fierce, be strong, be confident, get your moxie on, all that describes Gail Scott. Gail sat down with me to talk not only about aging with moxie, but a ton of other entrepreneurial topics.
Building the bridge from job to entrepreneur
Doing things differently
Using the pandemic to shift and thrive
You’re not too old to embrace social media
We get real about midlife (warning –  the word vagina gets thrown around a couple of times)
Gail introduces the Midlife Moxie Podcast

I hope you enjoy our chat….

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Gail Scott is a 27 year veteran in the skin care and beauty business. She worked herself out of another job and into being a work at home mom and never looked back. Helping other women achieve their goals is a passion.  As of late, she has fulfilled her dream of starting a podcast with her partner in crime, Christina.

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