Meet Spunky Old Broad Gayle Carson E52

If you’re a woman over 50, this episode is for you. Self-proclaimed Spunky Old Broad Gayle Carson shares her amazing journey of entrepreneurship.  She started her first business at age 13 and has been going gangbusters ever since. Gayle shares advice from her 70 years as an entrepreneur. We talk about:

            Overcoming the challenge of being alone as an entrepreneur

            Using your skills do the work you love

            How life is all about choices

            And how we miss our shoes.  We share a hope of face to face meetings wearing our favorite shoes.

 I hope you enjoy our chat….

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Meet Gayle:
After college Gayle moved to Miami and got her first job in two weeks.  One year later she bought the business and proceeded to diversify its sales base from one to seven divisions and it eventually became the largest independent organization in the industry.  As CEO, Gayle managed a diverse staff of over 350 people, graduated more than a million students from her training programs and personally managed the company’s complex payroll.  While serving as CEO of her business, she received her Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University.

Selected as a “Legend of the Speaking Profession,” she currently hosts over a dozen radio shows per month and is the founder of the and is also the only woman in the world who has a Doctorate, a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), CMC (Certified Management Consultant) and an FIMC (Fellow to the Institute of Management Consultants).

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