Grateful vs Thankful E95

I did a podcast episode last year about what I was grateful for. Around this time of year I really like to focus on being grateful for all that I have.

Pretty much everything I was grateful for last year I’m still grateful for, 

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As I sat down to think about what I’m grateful for this year, I thought, ummmm what is the difference between being grateful and being thankful.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t know offhand, so I googled it.  (of  course what else would I do – okay maybe if I used siri or had Alexa I’d ask them.

Thankful is a feeling often associated with gratitude and relief. 

Grateful is about so much more. 

It’s not just about thinking how thankful we are to have all that we have. It’s about living out that gratitude through the simple things we do every day.

So as I reflect this year on what I’m grateful more I want to focus on the action, of myself and others.

What are you grateful for?

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