The Great Resignation Part Three E116

Welcome to Part Three of our 4 part series on the Great Resignation. 

In Part Three of this 4 Part Series. In Parts One and Two we have laid some of the foundation for starting a successful business. Now we’re going to focus on growth, how you make more money and how your money can be invested to grow for you.  
In this episode I’ll be talking about one of my favorite topics, Sales – aka selling is serving.

I’ll also share some systems to consider in your business.

Evan talks awesome investment strategies for you and your children. 

If you missed Part One or Part Two, there’s a link below to listen to the episodes.

In 2021 48 million people left their jobs. While I’m sure some of them retired, I suspect most of them started or are thinking about starting a business.

That’s why Evan and I were called to share our thoughts and expertise about how to build a business the right way.  Our goal for this series is to help you build a plan to a successful business. I’m focused on the marketing and sales aspects and Evan will help you build a solid foundation for your business. 

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