The Great Resignation Part Four E117

For the last 2 years we have been facing a change, a disruption to our way of life. The Global pandemic has effected everyone, and none more that the over 4 Million people a month are leaving or have left the work force in since June 2021.   Wow, that’s a ton of people.

With those kinds of numbers, I wondered, where did all those people go? Surely they still have to make a living. Assuming a large portion of those started a business, I’m curious, where are they getting support, help, community when starting a business. With 50% of business failing in the first 5 years, I wanted to provide a resource, a guide to how to build a successful business.

This is what this series is about. 

I recruited my good buddy Evan Van Auken otherwise known as the Vanader to fill in the parts that I only know enough about to be dangerous.

In this Four Part Series we’re going to help you create your plan for building a successful business. I’ll focus on the marketing and sales aspects and Evan will help you build a solid foundation for your business.  The motto for this series is Just Start…….  

 This is the final episode in our 4 Part Series. I share with you what I’ve learned about how to hire team, how to use accountability partners to support you and how to frequently and consistently analyze and revise your business.

Evan takes on a deep dive into Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin as he tries to teach a complete novice like me why this new investment strategy should be something you consider in your portfolio.

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