Create Effective Email Campaigns with Henry Klauke E51

If you’re an entrepreneur building your business, your also building your email list. Your list is an asset, a huge asset to your business. In this episode Henry Klauke and I explore how to increase your email list, how to effectively use your list, how to get people to open your emails and much more.

Just a note, you’re going to hear my dogs barking and running down the hall a couple of times during the interview. I contemplated editing it out, then I thought, why? As an entrepreneur who works from home, welcome to my life.  Just keepin in real, I hope you enjoy our chat.

In this episode we discuss:

  •             How to effectively use email to grow your business
  •             Best practices for email campaigns
  •             How to get people to open your emails
  •             It’s all about growing your email list

About Henry:

Henry assists technology-challenged entrepreneurs to attract and nurture their next 100 ideal prospects.

Which he does through done-for-you email campaigns.

On top of providing excellent service to his clients, Henry also enjoys:

Devouring personal development books

Over-delivering as club president at his local Toastmasters group

And soaking in the presence of nature during walks and bike rides

Henry Klauke

Phone: (847) 370-3272


Check out Henry’s upcoming book:

Inbox Income: 23 Insider Tips for More Email Clicks, Credit Card Swipes, and Raving Fans. His target is to launch on March 9th, 2020. You can follow Henry’s book updates and be among the first to know about the launch of Inbox Income by joining his email list at .

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