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Happy Birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday to the Breakaway Entrepreneur podcast!!!!

To commemorate the podcast’s 6 month anniversary I’d dedicating this week’s show to highlights of our first 4 shows. I just thought it would be fun to re-visit some stand out moments from the Breakaway Entrepreneur initial episodes.. 

First up is coach Jim Kaspari. Jim is a long-time friend and was my first guest on the show. Thanks Jim for helping me to get the kinks out.

Jim has a passion for helping people and one of my favorite parts of our interview was Jim sharing  how he went from being a millionaire to losing $2M and how he used creative persistence to climb out of that hole.  It’s  Just the tip of the iceberg of what was a truly inspiring episode. 

Listen to the full episode https://breakawaybusinesscoaching.com/jim-kaspari-podcast/

Meet Dot Boyd. Dot is the most pervasive networker I know. I see her everywhere in town doing what she does best, connect with people. She’s virtual for now, however, she’ll be right back out there as soon as she can.

Dot went from a family caregiver to a Senior Safety Specialist. Dot has a passion for helping seniors preserve their independence and dignity using the latest technology developed specifically for the needs of seniors and the ones who have the privilege of caring for them.

In my interview with Dot Boyd we talk about overcoming the fear of sales, offering concrete actionable tips you can use right away. She shares the $1M question and much more. This is just a hint of what we shared in the full interview.

Listen to the full episode https://breakawaybusinesscoaching.com/dot-boyd-podcast/

I met Earlene Coats at a networking event that frankly was pretty lame. The best thing I got out of it was meeting her and establishing not only a business relationship, but a friendship.

Earlene is a speaker and coach who works with parents and society to bridge the gap in the life skills and financial literacy that is not taught in our school system.  Her mission is to develop millions of financially savvy young adults who are good stewards of the their money, time, gifts, and talents as they give back to their communities.

Our chat included the role of intuition in decision making and her advice for entrepreneurs.

We discussed building a business on what you’re passionate about vs your gifts, talents and skills. By the way, the answer is you need all of those to build a successful business. Earlene shares her insights on how to raise a better community of young adults. Whether you have children, or just know someone who does, you’ll take something valuable away. Check out the full episode.

Listen to the full episode https://breakawaybusinesscoaching.com/earlene-coats-podcast/

Pete Schroeder gets the award for most patient guest as I screwed up our first recording and he gratuitously agreed to come back for a do over. If you’re a podcaster, I guarantee you know the feeling.

Pete is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience working with his clients helping them clarify their wants, goals and priorities.

Pete’s philosophy is the better you communicate, the more money you’ll make and the happier you’ll be. 

Join us as we discuss the valley of complacency. It’s the area between pleasure and pain where nothing happens. Pete shares his experiences with the Valley of complacency and tips on how to climb out of it. We explore how the enemy of great is good. Here’s a snippet of what you’ll find in the complete episode. 

Listen to the full episode https://breakawaybusinesscoaching.com/pete-schroeder-podcast/ 

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