Highlights Reel Number 2 – E32

I got such great feedback from the last highlights reel I did, I decided to publish another one. Or maybe it’s just because it’s so much fun for me to go back and revisit each episode, remember the sage advice and get back in  touch with my connection with my guests.

In this episode I pick out my favorite moments from 4 past interviews and share them with you.

In episode 5 I interviewed Colleen Sullivan. Now full disclosure here, she is one of my best friends and also one of the most amazing entrepreneurs I know.  In our interview we talked about leadership and effective communication skills, things Colleen is an expert in. She also happens to be one of the best moms I know, something we discuss at length in the full interview. You can find the full episode below.

Up next is my interview with Dave Brady. Dave and I have known each other for years.  We met right before 911 and were both avid cyclists. We were into 100 mile bike rides and spent hours on the bike just talking about our businesses, what we were passionate about and how to overcome challenges. Dave’s motto is plan your day, work your plan. He’s a life time entrepreneur with great insights to share. He’s also a hell of a lot of fun. Enjoy a short bit of our conversation. 

Listen to the full episode below:

We’ve all heard video is where it’s at right? Yet many of us are not using video for all sorts of reasons, not having the right equipment, being shy in front of the camera, not liking how you look, feeling like you don’t have anything valuable to say, whatever, excuses we’ve all got a million of them.   

Throw all those thoughts aside, and listen as Video expert Kenny Ballentine shares not only why you should do video, but also how to do it. Follow Kenny’ simple tips to make that resonate with your prospects and customers.  

Erica Ross-Kreiger got me into doing puzzles, and this was before there was a pandemic! Although she alludes to jig saw puzzles in this except from our interview, you’ll have to check that out the full interview to learn more. In this snippet Erica gives some great insight on how to be a successful entrepreneur and she gives her gift of the transformation booth exercise which she uses herself to continuously working on moving her game to the next level. Enjoy a small taste of our conversation…..

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Until next week, make it a special one.

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