6 Figures is the New Minimum Wage with Jan Janzen E24

In this episode I sit down with Jan Jantzen to talk about how 6 Figures is the new minimum wage. Jan has been an entrepreneur for 40 years. She traveled the world for 9 years, living out of 2 suitcases primarily in underdeveloped countries. She’s taken that experience and today helps women entrepreneurs create a 6-figure businesses. Jan bought her first franchise at 19 years of age and has been a serial entrepreneur with 3 businesses in the automotive industry, president of a network marketing company, created a pole dancing home party business in a box, and had a very successful healing business, just to name a few. Her tagline, “6-Figures is the New Minimum Wage” comes from her experiences living in many underdeveloped countries and seeing the struggles of so many women as they struggle to care for their families. She believes that the women of the developed world have an amazing opportunity to create financial freedom so they can live the life they need and deserve while making the difference they want to make.



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In this episode we explore…..


1:10 – 40 years as an entrepreneur

1:40 – Starting a new business

2:40 – Women will change the world

4:10 – Changing the sales terminology

6:10 – Change your sales mindset

7:10 – It’s your responsibility – shaming into sales

9:30 – Making a difference around the world

11:55 – Entrepreneurism is a way of life

16:40 – Six figures is the new minimum wage

18:30 – Getting your message out

20:10 – You do whatever it takes to be an entrepreneur

21:40 – It takes discipline

25:10 – Ask for help

26:35 – Entrepreneurs have to make it happen

28:40 – Breaking the cycle of poverty

31:40 – Overcoming challenges

34:40 – The ripple effect

36:40 – Sacred money archetypes

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