Becoming a Thought Leader with Jennifer Darling E17

A revenue generating machine and in-demand keynote speaker, Jennifer Darling led her teams to record-breaking results in sales. During the recession, her team posted a +40% swing in the national average in advertising sales and made more money than ever before (she even helped her boss earn his bonus to buy a new Audi, yay him).

Jennifer knows what works to turn frigid calls into smokin’ hot prospects. She is loaded with ideas that break through the traditional molds and create innovative solutions to stand out.

Jennifer leverages 20+ years of sales and sales management experience and works with organizations to crush their sales and overachieve budgets.

She is the author of Increase Your Sales Leads with LinkedIn: 52 Tips for Sales Success.

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In this episode we explore…..


1:45 –Jennifer starts her business

3:45 – Transition for working for yourself

6:00 – LinkedIn is the vehicle

7:30 – LinkedIn for marketing

10:00 – Overcoming the fear of speaking

13:30 – Well all have challenges, it’s how we deal with them

15:45 – Hiring team

19:15 – Use your skill set

21:45 – Going against the grain

24:15 – Focus and identifying needs

29:15 – Big challenges

36:30 – Leveraging LinkedIn for your business

43:30 – LinkedIn as a publishing platform

46:45 – Learn more about Jennifer’s free course

51:45 – Repositioning your business

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      phone number: 916-204-3923

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Twitter: @therealjdarling

YouTube: jenniferdarlingsalesexpert

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