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After over 25  years serving in the health care insurance industry, guiding people through the muddy waters of medicare and medicade insurance working for someone else, Kathy started her own company Mennel Insurance Solutions. Kathy’s passion is educating seniors – helping them make the most informed choices regarding one of the most important decisions they have to make.

Kathy is focused on giving back as she differentiates herself with her many years of experience.

Kathy and I discuss how she made her decision to break out on her own and how facing risks straight on makes her the successful entrepreneur that she is.

Kathy Mennel is a successful health care professional with over twenty-five years of experience in the industry. The last ten years Kathy has focused strictly on the Medicare market working for consultant agencies and health insurance carriers.  

Kathy has experience working with public agencies and large private corporations including CalPERS, San Francisco Health Service System, Kaiser Permanente, Quest Diagnostics, and more. She is considered a subject matter expert in Medicare insurance.

Kathy left the corporate world to fulfill her life’s dream to help people understand Medicare and became an independent agent.  She is certified with America’s Health Insurance Plan (AHI) and most Medicare Insurance plans.  

Kathy provides education, at no cost or obligation, to help those entering retirement, or already retired, understand the basics of Medicare including eligibility guidelines, plan choices, premium costs and the enrollment process.  

Health care decisions are an important part of planning for retirement and the complexity of Medicare is overwhelming to most. Education is needed to help support the 10,000+ baby boomers retiring every day.

Kathy also educates employers on Medicare basics and how to reduce their health care costs.

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In this episode we explore…..


1:30 – About Kathy

3:15 – Jour to becoming an entrepreneur

5:15 – Deciding which business to start

7:30 – Education is the differentiator

9:45 – It’s all about giving back

11:00 – Unforeseen challenges

13:00 – Hire it out!

13:45 – Find a mentor or community

16:45 – Taking risks is what matters

18:30 – Facing down the naysayers

22:10 – 3 feet from gold

26:30 – Balance

28:15 – “What people think of me is none of my business”

30:15 – Helping people is the goal

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More About Kathy:

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