Genuity with Kenny Ballentine E7

What is Genuity you ask?  It’s a term Kenny coined to reflect the art of being genuine in your video creations.

Kenny didn’t decide to be an entrepreneur, it just happened as his love for storytelling got him started on his filmmaking career.

Kenny has worked on some very impressive movies. One of the short films he created landed him at a showing in the White house sitting alongside Michelle Obama and her girls.  When Kenny is not creating films, he’s helping small business owners tell their stories through video. Kenny recently founded the Content Club where he uses his knowledge and experience to push entrepreneurs out of their comfort zone into video marketing. Learn more about Kenny and Content Club in our interview and check out the links below in the show notes.

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In this episode we explore…..


1:27 – Kenny breaks out on his own

2:42 – Turn your passion into income

3:52 – Get your message out there through video

4:57 – Film premier at the White House

5:52 – Video for small business

6:42 – Why video today? Genuity

8:32 – Old professionalism vs new professionalism

11:42 – Make your first video right now!

13:27 – Quantity is better than quality

15:42 – It’s about connection

16:12 – Just be your goofy self

18:57 – From video to cash

21:27 – Practical and emotional value

24:12 – Video as your empathy machine

25:27 – Which social media platform and how long?

29:27 – Facebook algorithms

32:42 – Your clients want human connection

34:42 – Don’t give up

36:42 – Every successful entrepreneur has failed

38:12 – Challenge breeds brilliance

39:42 – Today will have hard in it

40:12 – Freedom and flexibility

44:42 – Expressor and designer brains

50:42 – Legacy….

52:12 – What’s with the blue mohawk?

53:12 – Content Club – affordable video for business owners

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Welcome to Content Club!

And the prize fore Best Investment of $1 goes to ? YOU! ? Sign up today at www.kenny.videoAs a small business owner, you already have a lot of hats to ware. Believe me, I get it! Extra time and extra money are the two things virtually no small business owner has enough of. Therein lies the challenge for most of my clients. Most business owners already know they need to be using video to grow their business online, but doing so requires either a huge investment in money (to hire someone like me) or a huge investment in time (to learn how to do it all on your own). This is why I have created Content Club!Content Club is a membership program where small business owners pay an affordable monthly fee (starting at $199 /mo) and in return get studio video shoots, monthly webinars and additional training, and participation in a community of likeminded businiess owners who help and support one-another. We have designed a 12 month content road map. Over the course of 12 months out members will recieve so much value that if you hire us to make the same content all at once (al-a-carte) it would cost close to $20,000. But in addition to video shoots, the real value of Content Club is eduction. The monthly webinars we deliver will adress topic like, "What kids of videos should you be making", "how to tell you story", "understanding the different social media platforms", "building and connecting with your audience", and much more. The trainings are designed to prepare you for the monthly shoots that happen in the studio and to give you the tools and know-how to begin replicating the same kind of videos on your own.To celebrate our launch, we have dropped the price of your first month in Content Club to just $1! This is a no-risk trial period. Test the waters and see if its a good fit for you. In that month you will recieve a custom video shoot, a webinar, and the chance to network with and learn from the Content Club community. You'll love it! But if you don't, Just cancle durring those first 30 days and walk away happy with a $1500 value for just a buck. We are pretty sure you will want to stay though. Here is an outline of what is in store for Content Club Members in 2020:12 monthly Video Shoots12 monthly webinarsMembership in the CC Online Comunity Appearance on The SAC ShowAppearance on the "Small Business Be Like" podcastGuest passes to share your benifits with othersDiscounts on additional video production servicesAnd yes, there is more!Head on over to to learn more and to apply for membership. Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and you will get your first month of membership for just ONE DOLLAR! Thanks for reading. I can't wait to see you at Content Club!

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