Living Well with Kiki E99

Busy entrepreneurs or just any kind of busy people often time put their health and their nutrition on the back burner.  Well you don’t have to anymore. Meet Kiki Magnuson, she’s not only a fitness expert, she’s an expert in nutrition as well. In this episode of the podcast we talk about:

  • Bring back the veggie tray
  • Busy people food hacks
  • Nutrition for you
  • Stop the dieting
  • Plan for New Year
  • Create good habits

Kiki Magnuson is a certified nutritionist with a huge passion for nutrition and fitness. She has her MS in Kinesiology, Bachelor’s in Kinesiology and Precision Nutrition Certification. She’s been in the fitness industry working with youth and college athletes as well as the general population since 2012. Working first with people in their fitness goals and now nutrition. 

She loves improving people’s lives by teaching them simple steps that can make a drastic difference. She is friendly, open minded and not here to judge.  

Her background is half Panamanian and half Greek, filling her with lots of culture. In addition, she’s a dog lover, loves cooking and eating all sorts of food. She is a very active person with her background in athletics (track, soccer, cross country and basketball), currently an Olympic weightlifter, loves hiking and doing anything outdoors. She will always be your number one cheerleader and will always see the glass half full.

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