Fail Your Way to Success with Krishna Mohan E38

I love this weeks conversation, Krishna Mohan wears many hats and has several successful businesses. In this episode we explore what it takes to create a successful business, even during challenging times. For most entrepreneurs, including myself, we get to fail more times than we succeed. Interestingly enough, that’s what makes us successful.  

I hope you enjoy our chat….

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Krishna Mohan is an Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Speaker, #1 Best-selling Author, as seen on FOX TV and multiple media outlets, President of Genius Visionary. Krishna has deep grasp on the understanding of business through his extensive experience working in Manufacturing, Consumer Durables, Telecom, Information Technology, Energy and Data Center Industries. He is a highly successful Senior Business Leader who also has a background in, among many other things, Business Development, Sales Team Training and Management, Key Account Relationship Management and International Business.

Over the last 20 years he has helped 3 Fortune 500 companies and several start-up organizations focusing on Sales, Business Development and Finance. He has achieved definitive and long-term outcomes in Team Leadership, Information Technology, Data Center Consulting, Client Relations, Strategic Planning, Product Marketing, Managing Key Account Relationships and has generated millions of dollars in annual profits.

His management style has been described as decisive and motivational, where success comes from a focused commitment to developing new business, cultivating relationships, training salespeople and creating growth strategies. He is involved in several acquisitions and mergers.

Krishna has a Master’s Degree in Marketing Management MMM, an MBA-International Business and an MS in Finance. He currently owns and operates three businesses in Real Estate, Business Consulting and Retail. 

Krishna is an acclaimed speaker and regularly speaks in various corporate events, boot camps and management trainings.

Contact Krishna to get his free book and access to his free 90 day business coaching.

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In this episode we explore…..


01:55 – Krishna’s journey to becoming an entrepreneur

4:35 – Freedom and responsibility

6:55 – Fail your way to success

7:55 – More chances to fail

8:35 – Turn your failure into success

10:25 – Testing

11:25 – Community

13:40 – Invest in yourself

16:25 – Get off the sidelines

19:40 – Lean into the challenges

23:40 – Our new normal

24:15 – Getting our travel time back

26:25 – Using the time we have

27:25 – Productivity vs being busy

29:25 – Excuses vs openness

33:25 – Starting a company – find the problem


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Ben 0:02
Welcome to the breakaway entrepreneur podcast where master business coach Janet Fish and her special guests explore the characteristics and traits that lead entrepreneurs to success. Get ready for real conversations of what it takes to overcome real challenges and break away from your competition. here’s your host, Janet Fish.

Janet Fish 0:26
Thanks, Ben. First a word from our sponsor Ross Rustin. If you’re considering purchasing a new home and want a complimentary 30 minute pre approval consultation, text the words home loan to area code 408-799-6853. Ross Rushton is a California licensed loan officer with fairway independent mortgage, contact Ross, he’ll get you into the new home of your dreams. I love this week’s conversation. Krishna mo Han wears many hats, and has several successful businesses. In this episode, we explore what it takes to create a successful business, even during challenging times. For most entrepreneurs, including myself, we get to fail more times than we succeed. Interestingly enough, that’s what makes us successful. The more we fail, the better we get back up and learn from those failures, the more successful we become. I hope you enjoy our chat. All right, good afternoon, breakaway entrepreneurs. We are so excited. I’m excited to have Krishna Mohan on today. Welcome Krishna.

Krishna Mohan 1:35
Oh, thank you, Janet. hope everything is well with you today.

Janet Fish 1:39
Everything’s awesome. Krishna is an entrepreneur, a business coach, a speaker, a number one best selling author, and has been on Fox TV and many other media outlets. So I’m super excited to have you. You have a you have a wealth of things that you do businesses that you run. So I am absolutely sure that we are going to learn a ton from you today. So I’d like to just start out, tell us a little bit about you. How you got to be an entrepreneur, your journey to be an entrepreneur, and then go into a little bit about what your business is do to help entrepreneurs.

Krishna Mohan 2:14
Yeah, so going back to my journey, I started in the corporate world, I started in sales. And then I’ve traveled my my way up the corporate ladder was in sales for over 20 plus years in work for the fortune 500 companies. Then who worked in you know, several technology companies work for smaller companies, startups, real mom and pop shop in a shops. So I have extremely diverse experience. And I picked up a lot of my my learnings, my observations and the challenges that I saw in the market, and I figured them as my opportunities. And they talk entrepreneurship is the way to go for me. And then I started my own ventures earlier on 2011 started with an IT company ran it for a couple of years, we sold it for multiple seven figures, and then again, got into real estate, especially in the multifamily space. We’re still doing very well on that. And we expanded in the consulting spec management consulting space with genius, visionary, being management, consulting, helping in startups and business owners on growth, revenue growth, helping them on funding and financing, helping them build business credit, helping helping them on, you know, really building the business in a box. So it Trump’s like a, you know, like a system so you can work on the business instead of in the business. Those are some of the areas that we help right now. And then I have a you know, so yeah, we have a retail retail brand. And my primary focus right now is my, you know, my coaching practice my consulting practice. And then offline, we are focused on acquisitions as well with the Small Business space. So a lot of things on plate, but I’m fortunate enough to have a great team on my site helped me to reach my, you know, my goals.

Janet Fish 4:36
It’s so funny because I have a very similar history where I worked in corporate America for a long, long time. I was in sales, I was in sales management. I quit when I quit. I went into real estate so we have kind of a similar background. What’s your favorite thing about being an entrepreneur?

Krishna Mohan 4:56
I think more about Your ability to do things on your terms, you know, but that that also makes you more responsible, you’re responsible for your decisions in good or bad. And the freedom that comes along with that, and

you are in the driver’s seat.

I like these these aspects. And then in terms of what you can do with them with this entrepreneurship is unlimited possibilities. If you really, really believe in yourself, you have no limits. So I like that fact, which I did not see while I was working, which I did not see in the corporate america rotating, don’t see anywhere else. Yeah,

Janet Fish 5:43
yeah, I can say that. Well, so my brand is I have a book, it’s called, quit your day job. But it’s 10 steps to financial freedom, like my brand is all about financial freedom. So I absolutely love that. And I will say that when I was in corporate America, I never ever imagined having the life that I live today. Like I never imagined that I could take every Friday off and go play golf, or I could go hang out with the people that I want to hang out with. That’s my favorite thing about being an entrepreneur and working for myself is I don’t have to work for people that I don’t want to work for. I don’t have to work with people that I don’t want to work with. It’s just a freedom is all is the word for me that kind of capitalizes on, on my feeling about being an entrepreneur, but I can, from my experience, and certainly that lots of people that I have coached over the years, being an entrepreneur is hard. And so I want you to talk a little bit about about that, like, let’s just be frank about people think, Oh, I’m an entrepreneur, and you can do anything you want. And it’s not risky. And it’s easy, and you just make a lot of money. And so share, either share me experience, challenges you’ve had, or just talk to the reality of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Krishna Mohan 7:00
Absolutely. That’s why I use the word responsibility. You are responsible for your decision. What I mean by that there is a consequence, for every action that you take, there’s a consequence, for every decision you take, you know, every product, you launch every service that you bring into the marketplace, and every decision that you take, as a consequence, you know, you have more chances to fail than succeed in this game. You know, there’s what most people don’t realize is, statistically, it’s proven that you fail more. Okay, so then the real question is, are you ready to fail? Are you ready to fail and get up and do the same thing again and again, till you succeed? Do you have that as a quality? You know, there’s this the most important quality that you need? if you’re if you’re taking this path? Yes, you have freedom? Yes, you can do anything you want. Yes, there are unlimited possibilities. But yes, there are unlimited failures also in this.

Janet Fish 7:57
I love the way I love the way you put that. So talk, because we’re all about mindset here. Like, and it is a mindset and i i love that you have more chances to fail as an

Krishna Mohan 8:06
absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. Absolutely. Because you you’re not in any kind of secure framework. You’re not secured in money, you’re not secured emotionally, you’re not secured anyways, there’s nobody that you can go back and share your problems. Because you’re the boss. Yeah, you take everybody’s problems. There’s nobody to take you.

So you handle everybody’s problems. Right.

Janet Fish 8:34
So so I get that as an entrepreneur, I agree with that. I might challenge the, the there’s nobody to help you. But we’ll talk about kind of support and all that in a little bit. But so talk about what do you do? So you’re an entrepreneur and you fit you’re failing or your challenge? Like how do you how do you turn that into the successes?

Krishna Mohan 8:55
Well, you know, you learn a lot of things by experience, right? You learn a lot of things by testing, knowing the fact that you will fail, then what’s the best thing that you could do? You you step up your game? You bet you get better at your craft, your odds of failure would reduce, you need to increase the probability of your success in anything that you do. So how do you do that? by by by practicing 1000 times, maybe 10,000 times on what you do. So yeah, that goes back to preparation preparation. On your game, you got to be like a master in anything that you do. Yeah. And then you go and play the game. That’s not what people do. You know, so they try to blame economy, they try to blank financial market, they plan to ram everything else and everybody else. That’s not going to help anybody. The only thing that you could do is the things that are in your control, which is you. You have to be good at what she would act right You got to be responsible, you got to have your daily action class, you got to do what you got to do. And then,

Janet Fish 10:07
and I was just gonna say so. So what I’m hearing you say, Well, clearly you’re responsible. You’ve got to master it, but you master it through failing, right? You’ve got to get up the next day or the next thing and say, okay, that didn’t work. What do I change to see with that will work or that will work with that will work?

Krishna Mohan 10:26
Yes. So that goes back to testing. Like I said, you have to test the customer. If I want to increase my price by 20%, I need to test it in a small market, right. But the unless, until and unless I test it, I would never know whether there is an acceptance for it or not, I want to launch this great product, I need to test it with a couple customers. Even though if I fail hundred percent, it’s okay. But at least I tested. That’s right. But how many people are testing it, you have to you have to test on a daily basis on everything. You test actually asked in hiding your test and firing your test and launching a product, you test it, you go and you test a banker to go and ask the extra hundred thousand dollars. But you need to have the confidence to go and test it. What’s the worst that could happen is now so what you already know the answer, and it’s no big deal. But what if it’s an S? Yeah. Well, that’s the thing that that people don’t take chances you have to take your you know, knowing that you have a chance to failure failure.

Janet Fish 11:25
Well, and you may not agree with this, but one of the things that I’ve strongly believe in, it’s great if we don’t agree, because that’s what makes the makes the world go round. But I believe it’s my community, my not my team, because I think of team of people who work for me and execute my plan. But my community of people who, when I don’t know what next to test, when I’m hitting a wall, when I’m when I’m in my head going, I’m feeling like I want to blame somebody else. But I know I can’t like what do I do next when I’m in that place, which we all get to. And for me, it’s, it’s my people, it’s my other entrepreneurs, it’s my friends who are pretty much all entrepreneurs that I can call on. And I can say I’m in appspot. And I don’t know what to do next. Or what I talk about a lot in this podcast, is hiring people like you to go help me figure out what the next thing I need to test help me figure out what I can do next. So it’s community, but it’s also investing in yourself with people who can help you get there. Talk a little bit about that. Yeah,

Krishna Mohan 12:32
exactly. So you’re absolutely right. So that’s where we have our mastermind groups, private, we do private mastermind groups we have, you know, the like minded individuals are a players, right? So I’m an A player, you are an A player, you know, we are in this and then you know, you understand my problems, chances are that you have answers. Just because I don’t have answers. Just because I have blind spot does not mean that’s the same thing. In a blind spot for you. Men reach out, right? So that’s where you come into picture. That’s where I come into the picture. So we have been there, we have done that. But we are willing to help. But somebody needs to come and see dances for that, you know, they need to seek answers. They need to go seek out and talk to an expert. Sometimes, you know, it may sound like it’s a cost or it’s they’re expensive then but either a bit worse, the cost of failing was cost of not doing anything in your business.

Janet Fish 13:28
Yeah. Well, then I’ll give you an example that I just talked about yesterday, because I was on a Facebook Live it we think it was my first or second Facebook Live. But we were talking about podcasting. And I started my podcast in January, and one of my colleagues, and then I then I it was eight months into it. And I’m like, I’m not sure what else to do. So I hired somebody to say, how do you how do I get to the next level? Like how do I get from where I am to that next step. And there’s another day, and these guys also sell a class that gets people from from zero to launch in five weeks? Well, I took eight months to get from where you know, from zero to not launch, but I mean, it took me and and what I’ve done in four weeks since working with these guys, is 1000 times better, like I could have saved two months if I had invested and it wasn’t a lot of money. But I invested in someone to help me to get where so I just think about the last opportunity. Think about people right now are sitting there saying I’m my business is down that now is not the time to invest. Like I want to hear more about your thoughts on because I’m sure if you’re anything like me, you’ve got strong thoughts on people right now we really need to be investing in themselves because they need to look at the world in a completely different way or their business in a completely different way. And most of them can’t do it without another pair of eyes. So talk about that’s changed. That’s

Krishna Mohan 15:01
completely secondary repayments it like in my case, right, I’ve invested so much so much money or for my business revenue is only on educating myself in on learning things or using specialists to do certain things. Because time is only thing that you can get, you can get the money. So every time we do something, and you know, we lose time, just because we think that’s expensive, this is costing money marketing is costing money, this is costing money hiring is costing money, and then you keep wasting time. And then you know, and losing the market of possibilities doesn’t make sense. You’re only prolonging your success. Even if it means that, you know, there’s a little cost up front, it’s well worth using a specialist who knows what they’re doing it and they save your time, and you become productive and focusing on the right things for your business. You know, that’s what I advise, like, right now a lot of business owners on on sidelines, they know what to do. But then they still don’t do what they have to do. Just because they think, you know, maybe next month, everything will be okay, maybe after this everything is okay. You know, I’ll be fine. This is fine. That is fine. But we already lost eight months in this year. Guess what? Is it getting any better? I don’t see it getting any better. We are almost done with 2020. Right.

Janet Fish 16:20
Can you give me some examples of people that you’ve worked with that have that have been open to? What do I do? How do I pivot? So give me a couple of examples of that.

Krishna Mohan 16:28
Like, for example, right? I recently worked with a client, the guy is running a business where he is about $850,000 in his in his revenues, right? That was his last year. Number 2019. And we were we were working with him just before COVID COVID hit and everything right? And he was a little skeptical, man, this is all right now he’s going to be caretake. I don’t know what’s going to happen in 2020. Now that again, we have to work with you, we have to hire you. Does that mean it’s an extra cost on us? And then, you know, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the economy. And now that we are doing all this thing I said, you know, at the end of the day, what is it that you’re trying to get to right? He said, I want to get this business to $1.2 million, by the end of 2020. At any cost. I said I can get you there. And I no matter what, whether we whether the pandemic is going to continue for the rest of the year, or Everything will be okay. Either way, I will make sure to go We’ll get you there. Just trust me, you know, if you want, you know, we will make sure in such a way that we we can structure our compensation based on result. And we structured like 10% of our compensation coming in the back end, after the end of the year. Guess what we are in? No. October. He’s He’s almost close to 1.1 million right now. We’ll get get him to the finish line. You know, that’s the way we work. The point here is there are so many things which you get into the activity part of it to get to those numbers. The reality is if you take chance, you enjoy the fruits, if you don’t take chance, guess what, it’s one more year. Yeah, there’s nothing, nothing much that changes, you’re going to wait for your, you know, your ppps or your ideals and your maybe one more stimulus and all those things. I don’t think that’s the way you you run your business, okay, you need to have your own plan, you need to have your own game plan, you need to have some hedging option. If your revenues are failing, how do you hedge yourself, you have to be a creator, you’re not a doer, or you know, you’re not a sales guy, you’re an entrepreneur, you Your job is also to create things, to create opportunities to identify new opportunities to make sure that you’re on track. And if you’re not using those faculties and then just just looking at just the numbers and then get scared. You know, tell me any company who has so much surplus of budget sitting on the sideline to spend on anything no company has, it is just a matter of that you do it. You just do it. And then thereby you have the results. So the people who invest money on themselves, generally speaking, are always okay, because they’re not only are taking chances number two, they’re also using specialists who knows what they are doing. Yeah, and then especially if you’re making people accountable, you you you will succeed.

Janet Fish 19:35
Well, and I I did a podcast with Aaron young, who’s a he’s a great entrepreneur and a very successful and he talked about it was just interesting the way he talked about a business is like, it’s like your responsibility. It’s so if money comes into that, like you’re responsible for that business, you’re responsible for the people who work in that business. And if money comes into that business, it’s your responsibility to feed that business, it’s not your responsibility to take that money, go buy a new house or a new car. It’s an entity that needs to be to be fed, and it needs to be nurtured. And it’s so funny to me how people don’t think about their business that way they think about the businesses, how much money is it going to throw to me, they don’t think about it as a living, breathing thing that absolutely needs caring for and, and that’s all the things you’re talking about testing, trying new things, getting out of your own way, hiring people that can help you get to that next step. So many of those things are important. And I just think right now, people have a tendency, and you’ve talked about it a little bit, people have a tendency to kind of pull back because of fear. I’m like, I’m jumping out of my skin like I am jumping forward and the people that I’m working with, we are jumping forward, we might be walked jumping into the unknown, because we don’t know where this is going to go, we certainly didn’t know where it’s going to go, we thought it was going to be over in three months. Now we’re talking another six, or however long, for some of us, the world will never go back to looking like it did, right. And so I think and So talk a little bit more about just that leaning into the pandemic, or the challenge or whatever. Because this isn’t just, I mean, once the pandemic is over, there will still be challenges. So talk about just the mindset of leaning into embracing that. I

Krishna Mohan 21:31
think this is a new reality, you know, there’s nothing like going back, it may sound like you know, like as though everything will go back and become normal. If even if everything becomes normal, it’s not going to be normal normal people will still be because they it took a year or one and a half year or two years for people to adapt to this new way of doing things and interacting with people socializing, buying behaviors, all those things have already changed by them. And then you won’t go back. If you if you change your habits on, you know, buying online, if you change your interactions with their clients, their resume or fuel, if you are able to close your deals virtually, if you are able to do all of those things, why would you go back and again, start all over again. Yeah, you may be thinking like that, maybe others may not be writing to you, it’s better to only look forward, move forward. If you don’t adapt yourself, you’re already lost. So when you see how many businesses are closing already, a lot of industries have already you know, have they have been affected because they are waiting for things to happen. You cannot wait in business business. Every day you lose, you lose something, there is nothing like waiting, you know, whether it is Corona, whether it is something else, you cannot wait, you have to do what you have to do, you have to change your game plan, you have to change your marketing plan, you have to change everything that you have to change. Yeah. And then if everything becomes normal, it’s okay. If it doesn’t become normal, you still have to get going. So I think that’s not an easy task for many business owners, because they are used to do things in a certain way. And then they expect customers to come into you know, their door and then buy from them just like anything else. It’s not happening right now. And they think that just because that’s not happening, there’s a problem somewhere else. So I can do anything. It’s not that nobody The world will not stop. People have to they have to do what they have to do schools will not stop, universities will not stop. Everybody needs everything. But how how they are going to do it will change. How am I going to buy from Macy’s will change how am I going to spend my money will change but but the money is still there.

Janet Fish 23:39
Yeah. And I encourage my clients, some of which are in situations that are pretty dire. I mean, they’re in the the hospitality and entertainment business, like their photographers, and, you know, event people and that’s that we don’t know when that’s going to come back. But it to me, it’s it’s people need what you have somebody needs what you have, right? So even if you can’t deliver it in a way in which you used to deliver it, people still need what you have. So find the people who need what you have, or change what you have to find the need and fill the need. Like I it’s interesting. I did zoom before a little bit and I but I never did it in networking, right? I just did it when we want to meet and I do a zoom call. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve gotten from from zoom networking. I mean, a lot of clients from zoom networking, who would have thought like I don’t have to get in the car and drive 30 minutes for an hour long meeting and a 30 minutes home, I can do an hour long, 30 minute meeting online, and I can get clients like who would have thought I’m not going to stop doing that when this is over.

Krishna Mohan 24:51
That’s exactly what I’m saying. And then also you can reach them. If you were to drive and meet the client and schedule appointment and have lunch or coffee and everything’s fine. half a day, you may you may if you end up signing, if you end up signing like five clients. Now you can sign 50 clients because you have no limitation. That’s right word is world is your market. You don’t travel you don’t you have you have less, less wastage and more productivity now.

Janet Fish 25:17
And I’ll submit, and I’ll submit to lots of clients would prefer it that way. Like if I’ve got a financial planner, and I go meet with him. Okay, that’s great, maybe once a year, or once in a while, but that’s a lot of time out of my day to go meet with them and have lunch with him. And if it’s not something that I really want to do, but no, we do that, or we did that, because that’s the way business was done. Like, I don’t need him to buy me a $10 salad, I would rather have my time, meet with him via zoom, and get back to my revenue producing activities.

Krishna Mohan 25:53
Exactly. So people need to realize that they have more time now for the main things in their life, then than before. This is your opportunity. This is a time for you to think this is the time to complete all of your pending projects. This is a time for you to even you know, bring some big idea. Yeah, he has so much time you have no distractions right now, right now you have no excuses before you’re busy. Always meeting people always doing this doing that, but no time to think no time to create no time to produce now you can produce well, and it’s

Janet Fish 26:28
I would say there are a lot of people out there who have kids at home that they are homeschooling that maybe don’t have as much time as they did. But from a business perspective you are so spot on, like, let’s use the time that we have. And I’ve had a lot of clients that I’ve talked to and even just a lot of entrepreneurs that I associate with, who will never go back to the frenetic life that they had running around like crazy networking like crazy, they are just never going to do that. Well, they say they’re never going to We’ll see. But But you’re spot on, we have time to focus on getting the things that we need to get done, done and then carving out time to do the things we love to do.

Krishna Mohan 27:12
Yeah, so the thing here is creativity has value your content, you can produce content, you can create a lot of things, which which is so much valuable than the day to day grind that you’re going through, you know, people think that they’re busy by driving cars, people think they’re busy by sitting in Starbucks and having those meetings busy by networking after hours every day. That doesn’t equal to productivity. I’m more interested in interested in your productivity, what what did you produce in in your day? What did you produce this month? how productive are you? Right? So that has nothing to do with all those buisiness? Yeah, and now because you’re busy, you have no time to be creative. So you cannot produce an article. You can write an article, you can you can publish a book, you can do all of this, those things are like unimaginable, because you never took time for yourself. You don’t have time for himself. Because you’re lost. You think you think being lost is is good, because you’re always taking care of you know, your clients, your prospects, you’re busy with networking and all those things. But the reality is that that’s not necessary. You have to be productive, you have to think you have to do the right things. Now, now, do you think salespeople are not selling now? Do you think the multi billion dollar companies are not doing bigger deals? Let me tell you, there are more companies acquired during this time than before, guess what this is through pandemic where you have social distancing, and people are acquiring billion dollar companies. Can you even believe that? Yeah, we are. We are talking about this mom and pop, you know, size companies struggling to have 10 customers coming to their door. I’m talking about companies who are billion dollar size buying companies. In spite of pandemic in spite of social distancing, in spite of not shaking hands, in spite of not even having a coffee and closing a deal. We never know that we definitely never did that. In I met a lot of people who say that, Oh, I’m not going to do business with you. If I’m not going to have dinner with you. If I’m not going to have drinks with them. I’m not going. All those things are excuses.

Everything is possible. You just need to believe it.

Janet Fish 29:23
And I want to talk a little bit more about excuses. Because I love what you said it made me think so we go on. So I’ve got I’m a business person, I’ve got a book inside me that I know will help promote my business or I want to create a podcast or I want to write an online course or I run whatever it is I want to post every day and I’ve got all these excuses of running out and doing all this busy work. Because I’m a little scared about writing a book. I’m a little scared about putting myself out there. I’m a little scared about it. And you are so so spot on. I just love the way you’ve talked about it. That is that’s just busy, busy, busy. That keeps us from doing the things that could really revolutionize our company. Because we’re creating marketing when we’re creating products. And we’re thinking, and maybe we’re just thinking about how you and I can figure out a way that we can enter into some kind of a relationship and joint venture that takes your business my business to the next step. But we never think about that, because we’re too busy running around like chickens with our heads cut off, I just absolutely love that concept.

Krishna Mohan 30:31
Right, you can reach to people now that you could not reach before because before they were busy, before you are busy right now, nobody is busy, that they are right now looking at ways and means to enhance their business. And then people are more open, they’re forced to be open. I know a lot of people who don’t like to deal with, you know, prospects virtually, who don’t want to close deals virtually now they’re forced to do it. You cannot say I don’t like this, okay, then guess what? You don’t do anything. Right? Is that good for you? So that means it’s an opportunity for us. When everybody is open, what is stopping you to go and close? You, nobody’s stopping you. You just need to go and make it happen. They’re available. So it’s, it’s the mindset, you have to think once you start thinking, everything opens up, you know, so it’s always a good idea to step back, I let my prospects I let my clients when I deal with them to always step back. Get out of your own way. Stop what you’re doing right now. That’s your number one goal. Can you stop it? No, I’m busy. I’m busy. I don’t have time I’m busy. I’m no downtime, you will never have time because you’re always busy. You think business equal to something new. It’s something in your life. Your number one problem is your business. Don’t be busy. Don’t say that you’re busy. Show me what you’re doing, then I will believe whether you’re busy. You know, so they don’t have answers, including my own team members. I don’t like Who says I’m busy. I’m busy. I don’t buy your business. Don’t be busy. Show me. Show me result I lost that. Can you can you not be busy and show me result? Then I will I will, I will believe your business?

Janet Fish 32:16
Well, and I think that what you said is so spot on. And that people are busy, busy, busy. And they say I have to meet clients face to face. We’ll try not meeting people face to face, and then finding out that that actually is more effective. And it’s better for the client. And it’s better for you, like be open to new way what we have to now this has forced us to be open to looking at things differently. You’re right, stop being so busy, take a step back and say could and that’s why people need us, right? Because we’re the ones who can say, Stop. And we’ll help you brainstorm on how to look at things differently. Because Okay, so I have one other question. So one other question for you. And that is, this is my theory. And you can tell me what you think about it. It’s clear that you focus on really, really, really, really big companies much more I mean, multi million billion dollar companies, I don’t do that my market is more 10 million and less, primarily under 2 million is the people that I serve. So from that perspective, I believe that there are a lot of people out there that are workers that are you know, W two people working for other people who are furloughed, or have lost their jobs. And jobs may never come back. So I’m looking at how I can serve that community of people who they’ve always had a job now, how do I get them into a company? How do I help them start a business? So I’m interested in your perspective around what you see that how that whether you believe that or you believe in that, and then how people can really start to look at like, I want to start my own business? What the hell do I do?

Krishna Mohan 34:09
Yeah, I think

now that they are followed, or they’re, they’re either lost, they lost a job, or they’re going to lose the jobs or the new realities. Maybe we may hit a recession. We don’t know, right? We don’t know anything about that part. So everybody is always dreaming that I want to do something on my own. And they never do that, you know, they’ve been postponing for hour. And most of them are very good at something. They’re good at something. I’m an accountant. I’m good at something, right. I’m a customer service rep. I’m good at something. I’m an operations guy. I’m good at something. So what I would encourage for all of these people is whatever you have, put in your back burner all this just bring it out, think about it and then identify what problem problems within that segment exist in the marketplace? What are the gaps in the customer service industry in the marketplace? That’s how I think if I’m a customer service guy, if I’m from hospitality industry, what are the challenges that the current hospitality industry is facing? And will face? How will that turn out to be in the future? You know, if you start this kind of empowering questions, challenging questions, you will reach to a point where you will be able to identify some problems. And once you are able to identify some problems and define the problem, then the next person is what are the potential solution solutions to solve the problem? And then you become a solution. And that’s your business.

Janet Fish 35:47
Yeah, perfect that I couldn’t have said it better myself. That is just super, so super spot on. I absolutely love that. And then you help them and then you

Krishna Mohan 35:55
help them because, you know, you know how to take those guys from ground zero to slowly the couple hundred, and then slowly transition to you know, you know, slowly to a proper organization, and and then in all other skills that they need to run, manage and build a company.

Janet Fish 36:14
Yeah, I totally love that. Because that’s exactly what where I would start is, is that, so tell us where we can get hold of you. Tell it? Yeah.

Krishna Mohan 36:26
Yeah. So yeah, I think the best, the best way to reach me is my email, which is Krishna at genius business That is Krishna genius business And I’m offering a free book download from my website, which is genius, business coach calm, which is how I find 10 k for any business within 45 minutes. And then I’m also going to offer 90 day business coaching from my genius online Academy, you know, for free to any of your audience, where we’re want to take this how they can write to me at my email, and I would like to, you know, set them up for the coaching and if they need any additional help, I’m more than happy to, you know, help them in any which way.

Janet Fish 37:16
Awesome. And I will put make sure that a link is below in the show notes to all of that. So, so I just want to remind my breakaway entrepreneurs. While true success starts in your with your mindset, it’s massive action that gets you there. So thank you so much to my special guest, Krishna, I really

Ben 37:39
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