Lead Magnets E113

This week everyone is talking about lead magnets, you know those free irresistible offers people use to grow their email list.  

In this episode we talk about:

🔑     If you’re not selling something, you don’t have a business

🔑     Give away your best stuff, don’t save your best stuff for paid.

🔑     Create something that solves a problem – challenge

🔑     Work backward from your core product

🔑     Make it easy to consume – Give Quick Value

🔑     Use it to sell down your funnel          

🔑     How to use a lead magnet

Mentioned on the show:

            The Break Room Zoom Party

          35+ Ways to Build Your Email List      

          Email Marketing Masterclass

          Email Marketing Automation Workshop

          Content Creation Episode 66

          Email Marketing Automation Episode 82 

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