Making Things Happen with Stephanie Mearse E9

Published Author, Motivational Speaker, Radio Show and Podcast. Stephanie Mearse has worked with Desert Capital Management Group as a Vice President since 2014.  

Stephanie is the Amazon best-selling  author of “Women of Perfection; Perfectly Imperfect” where she explores how, in today’s society women are expected to be perfect with Pinterest and social media, but the reality is they are killing ourselves with the need of obtaining this perfection.

As a Speaker, she speaks to women and men about breaking out of these fears and boundaries and achieve goals. Stephanie has a radio talk show on Sacramento’s Money 105.5 as well as a podcast “Empower Hour” on Spotify. Stephanie is co-Founder of Empower Hour a Women’s Networking Group that helps women and children off of the streets.

In her personal life, Stephanie is dedicated to her family, friends, and church. She’s actively involved in Rotary Club, The Women’s Thursday Club, and her local Chamber of Commerce. Married with a young son and daughter, Stephanie is passionate about impacting the lives of others, and helping those she meets to achieve both their professional and personal goals.

In this episode we explore…..


01:02 –The many hats of Stephanie

2:30 – Stephanie’s journey – making things happen

3:40 – Becoming an entrepreneur

5:15 – It’s about freedom

7:03 – It takes heart, dedication and hard work

8:45 – Can you learn to be an entrepreneur?

10:52 – The role of mentors

12:25 – Overcoming fear

13:37 – Don’t be afraid to ask

15:30 – Making hard decisions

17:20 – Following your intuition

20:20 – The Empower Hour is born

26:10 – Finding balance

28:50 – Hire it out

29:30 – Success = consistence

31:40 – Passion planner

32:40 – Who to hire first?

35:00 – Saving lives through sharing your story

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            (424) 422-0300

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