Marketing Audit with Mary Meduna Gross E120

In this marketing audit Mary Meduna Gross and I explore:

πŸ”‘     The way you refer to your ideal client may not be the way they self-identify 

πŸ”‘     Identifying your most critical marketing challenge 

πŸ”‘     Give yourself permission to fill in the blank

πŸ”‘     Where to find your target clients

πŸ”‘     First steps to start building your email list.

 Mary is a business leadership coach specializing in mindset, leadership and systems. She offers on-line courses with group coaching and individual coaching. In addition, she is launching a mastermind/networking group.

 Mary’s  ideal client is one who is striving to make the world a better place through their business. 

You can contact Mary at or find her on Instagram @mmgcoaching 

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