Never Waste a Good Crisis with Martha Hanlon E13

In this special edition of the podcast Martha and I explore how to thrive in your business during the Corona Virus pandemic. Martha shares concrete steps you can take today to keep your business moving during these challenging times.

About Martha –

If you’re finally ready to get serious about growing your small business, then it’s time to get serious about your business development, marketing and sales team, too.

I didn’t set out to found the business development, marketing and sales company that turns much of what you’ve ever been taught about being in business. It just turned out that way.

I cut my marketing and sales teeth in big places. An MBA from Wharton and years of directing product management and marketing groups for some of the biggest companies in America like AT&T, BT and MCI taught me how the Big Guys do it. After years of leading The Big Guys to revenue gains, I knew the future was with small business. I developed new marketing techniques to rapidly build awareness and revenues for my clients at Blanc and Otus Public Relations. I left to found, first, Authentic Marketing and then Wide Awake Marketing to bring a fresh, authentic voice and style to marketing.

Now I’m all about leveling the business playing field so small business can rule. Are you ready to rule?

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In this episode we explore…..


01:20 – Wide Awake Business

3:20 – Challenges create new opportunities

4:20 – Never waste a good crisis

5:20 – Survive vs thrive plan

7:05 – Pivot – keep existing clients

9:50 – Make your business mandatory and critical

12:35 – Finding new clients when I can’t leave my house

14:50 – The “I can’t” mindset

19:50 – Ask for referrals

22:50 – Using social media to find new clients

23:50 – Virtual networking

26:20 – Marketing in a virtual world

28:50 – Lessons from the last recession

30:50 – It’s never going to be the same as it was

33:20 – What’s the critical problem you solve?

35:15 – Don’t stop marketing

36:20 – You are your brand

38:20 – Marketing is like dating

40:20 – Use this time to create content

45:50 – We’re going to a place we’ve never been before – don’t go there alone

51:20 – Customertopia

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